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Default Any Civil War reenactors on here?

On Mar 20, 10:07 am, (Bill Horne)
Thanks for reading this.

I have a number of Sounders, some old keys, and some relays from the
American Morse landline era. It occured to me that I might take up
reenacting as another hobby, but when I asked my sister, who makes
clothing for reenactors, "What does it cost?", she casually mentioned
"Less than a thousand".

So, I'm looking for a discount version: I've got enough invested in
_this_ hobby. ;-)

Please answer these questions:

1. Would I have to have perfect replicas of the clothes, etc.? I'm
just interested in the telegraphy, and civilians used to do that as

well as the military, so reenacting as a civilian would be fine.

2. Does all the telegraph gear have to be authentic to the period? I'd
tend to doubt it, simply because instruments _that_ old would be
too valuable for use in the field.

3. Who can I talk to for help without spending a day doing research

Thanks for any information.

73, Bill W1AC

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I am a medievil reenactor but I know the guys

the Civil war folks are the most well anal authetntic colthes but at
least Feamle reinactor are cicvies and I think I know some male one

I suspect you ask a CW guy about the sounder he will says it is to be
period but you preseverse and people wil relent to reality

round here some suport the Ft Walkins sp park reinactor they used our
current statrd morse with some hams using fairly authentic copies

if you want and remmebr in apr drop me a Line and I send it our to
thos eguys (they are snow birds and not here right now

KB9RQZ pressident