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Default Using speaker wire for a dipole

KD2AIP wrote in news:e5bba3fc-510d-49a2-b392-

Anyone have experience making a dipole from 18 gauge speaker wire? I
have a whole lot of it lying around the house, and was wondering if I
could put it to some good use.

If it is copper wire, it is more suitable than many things proposed for
antenna conductor, though annealed copper is relatively low strength

Opinions vary, but wire insulation contributes little, if any, strength,
but substantially increases wind resistance and mass, so it compromises
the ability to withstand high winds.

The next question often asked in your situation is whether the speaker
wire makes a good feedline. Contrary to popular belief, PVC insulated
figure-8 cable is not a good feedline for HF antennas.


PS: hams universally ignore the guidance of NFPA 70 which makes
recommendation on conductors for antennas.