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Default Power supply noise reduction techniques.

On Mon, 10 Oct 2011 13:45:29 -0400, Tom Horne wrote:

I'm looking for advice on the reduction of noise in my radio audio that
is coming from the charge controller for the battery that they run on.
My power supply is arranged in the following sequence; Receptacle outle

(power point), Astron RS-50A linear regulated power supply, Xantrex C35
Charge controller, 150 AH Absorbed Glass Mat Battery, Rigrunner Model
4008 power strip, Radios and other loads from there. First let me
assure everyone that I have exonerated the other loads by disconnecting
them from the Rig Runner. Second I have exonerated the Astron RS-50A b

substituting an RS-35M with no change. I know that these Xantrex charg

controllers use a form of pulse modulation to forestall sulphation of
the battery plates and the attendant loss of capacity. I do not know i

that is the source of the noise that other operators have told me is
occurring on my audio. What does clear up the noise is turning the powe

supply off and running directly off of the battery. I could pull the
charge controller out of the circuit in order to differentiate between
noise from the power supply and noise from the charge controller but I
would like to continue to use the Charge Controller and filter the nois

at the input of the Rigrunner. That way the noise, in the form of the
anti sulphation pulses, would make it to the battery but not to the

Does this seem like a practical approach and how would I go about it an

still allow the anti sulphation pulses to reach the battery.

Xantrex has a bad rep for RF interference. I use an Astron SMPS with no