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Default Power supply noise reduction techniques.

In article ,

John Davis wrote:

On 10/10/2011 4:14 PM, Bruce Gordon wrote:

I use a pair of L16HDs in series to power my shacks 12Vdc Buss. They

are feed by a Numar 35Amp Regulated Power Supply, that is set for

13.4Vdc. The Power Supply floats the batteries at 13.4 Vdc

If you are floating batteries you should consider a proper 3-stage

converter/charger.. is a good source of

those.. he specializes in RV converters. (By the way I have no

connection with him)

My Motor home has a Progressive Dynamics 9180 with optional charge

wizard. This is on the large size for a pair of GC-2 Golf car type

batteries in series... but man does it do a good job. a 8260 would be a

better choice for these batteries (one pair)

It has 3 charge voltages depending on teh battery voltage it either

limits current, limits voltage, or limits both.

If you are just floating the Batteries across a Regulated Powers Supply,

there is NO Need to go to the expense of a Three State Charger. 99%

of the time you will not be using the Battery for anything but a buffer.

The 1% of the time, where you have actually USED some of the Battery

Capacity, and are in Recharge Mode, the amount of current supplied to

the Battery, as opposed to the attached Load, only depends on the

battery Voltage, to Regulated Voltage Ratio, and that will just slow

charge the battery back to 100% Charge, and the Set Float Voltage.

What does a Three State Charger, give you, that isn't inherent in the

Regulated Power Supply Setup? Just wondering?


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