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Default Can pasta-inspired radio waves could unclog the wireless world?

On 3/6/2012 10:49 AM, Bill Horne wrote:
I came across this story today, and I'd appreciate hearing other hams'
opinions as to whether this is possible. TIA.

Bill, W1AC
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Pasta-inspired radio waves could unclog the wireless world

Agence France-Presse
6:39 am | Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

WASHINGTON—Radio waves that move like pasta spirals could help unclog
the wireless world by boosting the power of radio communications,
Italian and Swedish researchers said Friday.

The new way to make radio signals more potent without boosting bandwidth
is described in the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society’s
New Journal of Physics edition of March 2.

“In a three-dimensional perspective, this phase twist looks like a
fusillli-pasta-shaped beam,” lead study author Fabrizio Tamburini was
quoted as telling the science website PhysOrg.

“Each of these twisted beams can be independently generated, propagated
and detected even in the very same frequency band, behaving as
independent communication channels.”

That means they do not move linearly like all current forms of radio
communications do, and they do not need more bandwidth to increase their
transmission capacity.

Sounds like circular polarization to me, Sat-TV uses it to put not one
but TWO transponders on the same frequency.

You can do the same between two FIXED sites using cross polarization,
however in the real world that does not work as well as circular... I
know, I've done it.

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