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I use window line to feed my horizontal loop and have found that it can be fed
into the shack quite easily. Next year I'm going to try true open wire line
and see how it works out.

As to RFI in the shack, I have none. Generally, with a loop, the currents in
the open wire line will be of equal amplitude but of opposite phase; hence no
radiation. While I don't have a computer, I do use a Macintosh which does
everything a computer does only easier, and it has had no problems running
while I'm using legal limit power through the feedline which is only two feet
from the Macintosh.

In terms of recommeded priority, I'd say use open wire line or window line to
feed the loop, second best would be to use a balun at the antenna, and third
would be to use a remote tuner where the feedline enters the home, and finally
a remote tuner at the antenna feedpoint.

But you have to decide for yourself what is important to you in terms of
performance, cost, convenience, appearance, etc.

Best of luck and 73s,