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On Mon, 26 May 2014 12:52:43 -0400, Newsgroupie

On Sun, 25 May 2014 07:03:56 -0700, Chester Copperpot

1935 Stromberg Carlson Model 84 floor model. I have had this for years
but just yesterday I removed the chassis for the first time. It was
stuck on the large rubber mounts and I had to saw them off with a long
kitchen knife to get it out.
I heard it was serviced in the early 80's and saw where 3
electrolytics were replaced. The repair guy removed the original
chassis mount caps from the top. There was really no reason to do that
except maybe to make a little more room or to show the customer that
they actually did something.

Is there any label stating where it was made? I was told when I was younger that
Stromberg Carlson radios were made here in Rochester NY. I know some companies
had more than one location, but I am curious where yours was made.

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I'm pretty sure it was made in Rochester. As far as I know they only
had one U.S. radio factory. They also made Stromberg Carlson radios in
Canada but they had different model numbers and cabinet styles than
the U.S. ones. Those were only for sale in Canada.
I've seen Australian SC's too but they were made only for that market.