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Default SC Model 84 chassis front.jpg

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1935 Stromberg Carlson Model 84 floor model. I have had this for years
but just yesterday I removed the chassis for the first time. It was
stuck on the large rubber mounts and I had to saw them off with a long
kitchen knife to get it out.
I heard it was serviced in the early 80's and saw where 3
electrolytics were replaced. The repair guy removed the original
chassis mount caps from the top. There was really no reason to do that
except maybe to make a little more room or to show the customer that
they actually did something.

Is there any label stating where it was made? I was told when I was younger that
Stromberg Carlson radios were made here in Rochester NY. I know some companies
had more than one location, but I am curious where yours was made.

Resistance is not futile, it's voltage divided by current!

I just took a photo of the cabinet label and it pretty much says

Yes indeed it does. Thanks so much for the replies and photo. Yet another
Rochester company no longer with us. A shame. They had a reputation for making
quality stuff. I should have remembered they made telephones too.

Resistance is not futile, it's voltage divided by current!

This is my most prized radio. The quality is excellent. I drove
through Rochester in the early 90's (I spent a month in N.Y. taking
classes in Binghamton) and was amazed at how big Kodak was. It just
went on and on . . .