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reliccastiron wrote:

"Kevin Croxen" wrote in message
Anybody else had a quality control problem with those new Kaito WRX-911

First one question: Do the words "Made in China" appear anywhere
on this radio? If the product does have those '3 words' imprinted
anyplace on it, then quality control is out the window. The purpose of
Chinese electronics factories is to mass produce consumer goods
for the lowest cost on the planet. As a result, and as the old sage
goes: "You get exactly what you pay for". Remember when the
words "Made in Japan" and "Made in Hong Kong" was a subliminal
warning that the product so marked was of shoddy and/or cheap
manufacturer? This is what "Made in China" represents today.

Perhaps in a few Years with the importation of better tooling
materials, procedures, facilities this will go away. For now I would
avoid ANYTHING that runs off of electricity and comes from the PRC.
Take a look for example at all the product recalls listed at
You will see that 70% of the items listed for recall came from China.

This should tell everyone something. Check those labels folks before
you trade your money for "new-in-the-box-JUNK".

Yes, Kaito is one of a number of Chinese companies that have entered the
SW radio market in the past year. If the quality control curve of the
Grundig Satellit 800 (aka Tecsun Ham 2000) is any indication, it'll take
a few years to iron out all the QC bugs.