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Default Is there much on shortwave anymore?


A radio which has not been plugged in for that many years may/must require more than just a few capacitors. It is 70 years young.

Probably a new power cord and likely new dial cords. Contact
cleaner for the switches and a light film of grease for some of the
moving parts. Still easy and cheap.

If it's been stored in a reasonably dry location, it's not likely that
humidity has damaged the RF coils. There's no transfomer to damage on
this radio, either.

Carbon composition resistors sometimes drift up with age. Replacements
are cheap and more stable than the originals. Drifted up resistors can
usually be safely ignored, too. In most circuits, high resistance won't
cause any damage, it will just kill some gain. I replace the drifted
resistors, anyway. Some people are fussy about keeping things as
original as possible.

One nice thing about the pre 1950 (approx) radios is they don't use
those crummy single wafer silver mica capacitors at the base of the IF
can. I believe the S41G uses compression mica caps in the IF cans.