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Default The Pixie, cont'd

On Wed, 17 May 2017, Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote:

"Gareth's Downstairs Computer"
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Continuing the theme to get Foundation Licence
candidates interested in _REAL_ amateur radio,
which means, of course, homebrew and CW QSOs,
as well as the Pixie as a starter rig for only
a couple of pounds, we need to consider an
appropriately easy antenna for them, easy
to build, and, more importantly, easy to

I suggest two inductively loaded mobile whips
back to back as a dipole.

Any better suggestions, with the emphasis on
cheapness and ease? (Sorry Mr.Tarheel :-) )

what is wrong with a coax fed 7Mc/s dipole costing 10/6d ? ....

I figured because he was talking about loaded whips, he didn't have space
for something bigger.

They may not provide great performance, but they do work to some extent.
There used to be a commercial antenna for small spaces that used a whip
and loading coil, hanging out the window. And the first ARRL Handbook I
got, in 1971, had a similar project in the antenna section.


i'm off again to the trailer today be on 40m ssb on the way...then Belfast