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Default Magnetic receiving loop theory

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 18:36:07 -0700, Jeff Liebermann

On Mon, 10 Jul 2017 06:28:08 -0400, Pat wrote:

On Sun, 09 Jul 2017 14:29:18 -0700, Jeff Liebermann
That should be the E and B field, not H field. My mistake.

E and H are fine. I think it depends on which books you are reading
or maybe how old you are? I remember E and H from school (a long time

At this time, I'm 25,384 days old[1]. That's long enough to have
forgotten or confused most everything which I had pretended to learn
in skool.

I am 1.088 kilodays younger than you. Not much in the overall scheme
of things. (Thats only 78 fortnights. I had a professor in school
who would measure velocity in furlongs per fortnight.)

I'm perpetually mangling the various fields. So, I decided
to search for some clarification. This is least confusing explanation
I could find:
I think I understand most of it, maybe, or at least some of it:
There are 114 articles in the thread, most of which disagree with each
other. That suggests that not everyone understands the various fields
in quite the same manner.

E and B are the total electric and magnetic fields.
D and H are the free electric and magnetic fields.
P and M are the bound electric and magnetic fields.?
E = D + P (except that for historical reasons E is defined
differently, so we need to multiply it by the permittivity,
and for some reason P is multiplied by minus-one).
B = H + M (except that for the same historical reasons
B is defined like E, so we need to divide it by the

At this point, I usually say "I hope this help". However, I think
that "I hope this doesn't hurt too much" might be more appropriate.

True, but I appeciate your responses anyway.

I look forward to hearing the results. Sounds like a great

I'll post something. Right now, I don't see it happening until after
I design and build the one, true, ultimate, and best magnetic loop
antenna. Probably next year.

Sounds good. As an aside, I just watched a youtube video of someone
trying out one of these magnetic loop antennas. With his particular
set of circumstances, it reduced the noise floor on 80 meters

[1] %2F2017&x=54&y=14