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Default Full wave antennae on 137kHz?

In Gareth's Downstairs Computer wrote:
On 28/07/2017 19:22, wrote:
In Gareth's Downstairs Computer wrote:
On 28/07/2017 11:28, Brian Morrison wrote:
On Thu, 27 Jul 2017 19:15:37 +0100
Roger Hayter wrote:

Whether antennae was ever used in the USA
I don't know, and would be interested in comments.

With a few exceptions (summa cum laude etc.) the US is not keen on
Latin spellings so I suspect not.

In the UK, since the end of WWII, the use of antennae for radio related
radiating objects is negligible, I have been reading the professional
literature for nearly 40 years and antennas is the word used without
exception both UK and US plus the rest of the world.

I refer you to the professional tome, "Antennae" by Aharoni
of Imperial College, published by Oxford.

One presumes that each of the lesser souls is an ignoramus.

I refer you to William Shakespeare for correct English usage.

Those using computers may be in a bit of a bind as not only has the spelling
changed drastically since Shakespease's time, but so has the alphabet.

One presumes that if you can't spell like Shakespeare you are uneducated.

It is unclear from your blurting out as to whether you are speaking for,
or against, the motion that you are a rebel without a cause, making an
argument for the sake of the argument alone.

Chill out. Sonny.

Just pointing out how ridiculous it is to insist that the spelling of
some word must be the same as in some old book.

Grow up, goof ball.

Jim Pennino