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On 1/11/2018 3:59 PM, Ralph Mowery wrote:
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Homebrew and Kit Projects

Soldering Iron Temperature

Posted: 11 Jan 2018 09:41 AM PST

Good afternoon,

I have recently begun assembling my own kits and have a question about the
correct temperature for small board applications.

I have a new adjustable temperature iron with a pencil tip that I have been
using to assemble a QRPGuys CW Trainer. I initially set the temperature on
the iron to 450 C - but Im finding that I am not getting great flow and
tend to get blobs on the component leads. Additionally it is taking a long
time (20 seconds) of iron application before the...

Soldering Iron Temperature

You should not be near that hot. Around 350 deg C should be plenty.
You may need a larger tip on the iron. The small tips do not have
enough thermal mass to hold the heat, so the tip temperature drops below
the melting point very fast. Use some 60/40 or 63/37 tin/lead solder.
Don't fool with the lead free junk as it does not wet the joint as well
and takes a somewhat higer timperture. It should not take 20 seconds
per joint either.

Of course you realize the OP was posting on was cross-posted by
the ops at The OP almost assuredly does not read usenet and
will never see your (very good and knowledgeable) post.

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