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Default Computer / radio isolation for digital (or even voice?)

On 09/02/2018 21:53, Ian Jackson wrote:
In message , Gareth's Downstairs Computer

That's a fantastic price. I'm using a 600/600 ohm audio transformer to
isolate an earth-loop problem between the rig and the PC (extracting the
audio to feed into the sound card so I can get SSTV and DRM pictures
using MMSTV and Easypal).

It is, I ordered a pack this morning. At that price cheap enough for stock.

I have some on surplus/scrap boards which came my way (I think part of
the odd digital PMR radio system 'National One' when the local unit was
scrapped) but, unsoldering them is a pain. At under £2.50 for 10, inc
postage, it isn't worth it.


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