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Default Computer / radio isolation for digital (or even voice?)

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Morningstar writes
On Fri, 9 Feb 2018 21:53:50 +0000, Ian Jackson

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That's a fantastic price. I'm using a 600/600 ohm audio transformer to
isolate an earth-loop problem between the rig and the PC (extracting the
audio to feed into the sound card so I can get SSTV and DRM pictures
using MMSTV and Easypal).

I intend to try transmitting DVB-T on 438 Mhz but from what I have
read doing such will result in extra bandwidth due to sidebands.

I'm not sure how wide a single 'programme' DVB-T MUX is - but I suspect
it should fit inside the top end of the band. However, be aware of the
presence of certain non-standard repeater shifts (some up to 7.6MHz, I
think). Aren't some people trying live digital in the 1MHz extension of
2m? You need to check with the BATC.