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"Boat Anchor" & Classic Equipment

Mic Pin Info for midland 70 342b ?

Posted: 16 Feb 2018 11:20 PM PST

Hi there,

This is not really a boat anchor per say, it is all solid state, but I
figure the people on this forum are more likely to know the answer than
anywhere else.

I have a midland 70 342B VHF FM radio that works on 2 meters. I need to
know which mic pins do what function so I can wire up a microphone for it.
The information is not in the Midland manual that I have with the radio (at
least I cant find it).

It has a 4 pin connector and From trial and error, I know it is not wired...

Mic Pin Info for midland 70 342b ?

Heathkit HW-101 lives again

Posted: 16 Feb 2018 07:09 PM PST

I completed my rework for my HP-23B power supply, replaced the old
electrolytics in the HW-101 and had my first CW QSO with my Heathkit
HW-101. What a blast, this is my first boat anchor, and Im learning a lot.

Johnson Viking Valiant Linear Amp

Posted: 16 Feb 2018 07:00 PM PST

While AM and CW operation are well documented on the Johnson Viking
Valiant, its single sideband capability is far less so. As such, I worked
up the nerve tonight to try it out.

Why does that require "nerve"? As I see it, my Valiant has worked great
with no sparks, flames, or burning smells since January 27, 2015, so why
taunt fate? Thats where nerve comes in...

Normally, an "SSB adapter" would be connected to J5, the rarely discussed
SO-239 connector on the rear of the chassis. By...

Johnson Viking Valiant Linear Amp