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Default Fox says you were duped

"Juan Williams: The stench from Trump's swamp is growing"

[Juan Williams is an author, and a political analyst for Fox News Channel.]

Last week, Trump told those irritating reporters to ignore reality
because “it may not look like it, but believe me we are draining the swamp."

“Drain the swamp,” has become as empty a promise as “Build the Wall.”

"If you ever believed Trump, you got duped." [this from a Fox News person]

Swamp facts:

*Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigned in disgrace
last year after it was revealed that he bilked the taxpayers out of over
$1 million for private charter jets and military air travel.

*Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke could well be in danger of losing his job
and being brought up on charges when the Department of Interior
Inspector General’s report comes out later this month. He is under
review for his lavish taxpayer-funded travel — including for political
purposes and a personal vacation.

*Then there is the profligacy and corruption of EPA Administrator Scott
Pruitt. Pruitt received a sweetheart deal on rent for his luxury
condominium in Washington. The condo is owned by the wife of a lobbyist
whose clients had business before Pruitt’s EPA.

Pruitt paid an astonishing $50 per night to rent the condo, well below
market value.

Also, he used taxpayer money to dole out big bonuses to his top aides
and to pay for a 19-man security detail. When interviewed by my Fox News
colleague Ed Henry, Pruitt said he could not believe he was even being
asked about his shady deals.

trumpo says he hires only the best. You just didn't realize he meant the
best con men.

All you moronic trumpo-the-Clown supporters, please, please tell us how
this is "making America great". (Oh, sorry, with your heads up your ass,
you can't see what is actually happening around you.) :-(