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Default Fox says you were duped

On Mon, 16 Apr 2018 14:39:07 -0700, allisellis851 wrote:

+AD4 Pentagon hides attack failure - 70 +- of missiles shot down

Well, they're making a bit of a leap when they conclude that 100+- cruise
missiles should have caused alot more damage. It seems possible that the
cruise missiles caused EXACTLY the damage that was intended.

The whole point of this mission was to intimidate Assad. Well, what if
70+ACU of the cruise missiles had dummy warheads?

Digging a dummy warhead out of the subbasement might not be alot of fun,
but at least the guy is still alive enough to wonder +ACI-What if there
really were 1000 lbs of high explosive in that thing?+ACI

Also, if the Syrian military defenses were so effective, might not some
of the cruise missiles been knocked into civilian areas and blown up

I'm not saying that either The Great Man or John Bolton are smart enough
to come up with such a scheme, but Gen. Mattis seems like he could have
done it.

I'm not even saying this is what happened. It's all speculation on my