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Default WWVB eliminated, too?

On Sun, 26 Aug 2018, wrote:

On Sunday, August 26, 2018 at 6:28:10 AM UTC-5, Frank wrote:
On Sat, 25 Aug 2018 17:18:10 -0700, 2511382 wrote:

Perhaps the greatest news ever! Eliminate them all. Not needed today..

Have you no compassion? Sooner or later, half the "TRUMP" crime family
will be in prison. But what of the other half? They will find
themselves TOTALLY unprepared for a non-grifter lifestyle. Should all of
them also be "eliminated"?

The need for the continuation of WWV now becomes obvious. Give the non-
convicted members of the "TRUMP" crime family a small device with a
button marked "TIME". Tell them that their new "workfare" job is that at
least ONE member of the "TRUMP" crime family MUST press the TIME button
at EXACTLY the top of each of minute EVERY day. Tell them their button
is directly connected to the WWV and WWVH shortwave transmitters and the
entire world DEPENDS on them for the CORRECT TIME.

Of course, the TIME button would be a "TRUMP"ian idiotic lie, the kind of
"TRUMP"ian idiotic lie that simple minded people believe when said with
absolute conviction.

Make no mistake, there is no room for stupid or incompetent or corrupt
official timekeeping in America. But the button would help these people
believe that, for the first time, they were actually making a
contribution to the betterment of other people's lives.

Best 'Clocks' are Sundials and the Stars. Set your clocks by them. Make
a tiny matchbox Sundial, use a compass to properly line it up with the
Sun. ...Youtube Fred Dibnah ;;Any of y'all katz in Limeyland? What are
those squarish looking 'bread' looking things, one in each package. Fred
Dibnah took his family to a foodstore, he bought about half a dozen of
those things and then he threw them on a table so his family could have
lunch. That pizzed his wife off!

I don't think that's going to work.

I found a small book at a used book sale a few years ago, maybe titled
"Chronograph". It was about the need time in order to navigate. One of
them, longitude or latitude, required accurate time, and ships didn't have
that. Hence an effort to create a very accurate clock, which was also

WWV meant you didn't need that accurate clock, just a shortwave radio to
let you know when to check the stars or sun.