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Default 4NEC2?

In article ,

So, if anyone asks if it is possible to pass the US extra class exam
without knowing much about HF operating standards, I would answer that
it might be possible.

From my warped perspective, the ham license is NOT a demonstration of
competence. It's simply the minimum one is expected to know so that
they can operate a ham transmitter without breaking any rules,
becoming a nuisance, or otherwise making a mess of the frequencies.
One learns ham radio AFTER obtaining a license, not before.

Now with the questions and answers being published,anyone with a good
memory can get an Extra class license without actually knowing anything.
My wife got her Technician class just so she could talk to me on the
repeaters . She hardly knew which end of the mic to talk into.

Even back around 1972 when I was 22 I passed the First Class Phone and
had never seen a TV transmitter or really how it worked. Knew very
little about the broadcast radio either. I did know enough to do well
on the 2nd class which I really wanted,but it was only a dollar more to
take the First Class.

I almost don't see what any of the test for anything are worth now days.
I know licensed electricians that I would not let change a battey in a
one cell flashlight. Plumbers that I hate to even see hook up the
garden hose.

I do agree that it is best to get a ham license and much of the learning
comes after.

With all the digital modes and menues and computer problems now it is
almost a wonder many hams can even get that to work.