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Default 4NEC2?

In article [email protected],
To be fair, it isn't law which sideband is used, but "commaon practice".
That actually is about operating, and is a counter example, it doesn't say
anything about technical skill. There have to be endless things about
"operating practice" that should be on an exam long before "which sideband
to use on 40m?"

Though I do wonder why someone wouldn't just flip the sideband switch if
something isn't working right.

Maybe so. Many newer rigs have a FM mode on them, However as setup
most are not legal to use on FM below a portion of 10 meters as the
deviation is too wide.

One of my pet peeves is the ones that want to use very wide filters in
ssb. Before the 'modern' rigs the filters would limit the signal to
just over 2 khz. Now they can be set much wider. The sound ok if both
sides are set for the wider filter, but really sound bad when the
receiver is only for the narror bandwidth.

I think the tests have gotten away from the technical part of ham radio
and are now geared more to the operating practices.

Very few are building anything other than small accessories now, but buy
transceivers that usually stay within the technical operating rules.