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Default 4NEC2?

On Sun, 14 Oct 2018 11:12:14 -0700, Jeff Liebermann
However, if you plan to do more than that, some test equipment might
be useful.

Since you prefer a minimalist approach to test equipment, as an
alternative to your light bulb, may I suggest a return loss bridge:
Note that there are several basic designs and configurations but all
are fairly simple and easy to construct. Note that these are NOT the
same as directional couplers.

You can purchase them on eBay:

There are tutorials on YouTube:

I have three of these made by Texscan:

and a few that I've built for microwave frequencies:

and one for HF:

A return loss bridge is similar to a VNA except that it does not
produce numbers for the real (resistive) and imaginary (reactive)
components of the antenna impedance. It just produces the return loss
compared to a reference termination resistor, which can then be
translated into the VSWR.

To use it, you need a minimum of an RF signal generator and a
voltmeter or oscilloscope. I prefer to sweep the frequency range of
interest, so I use an RF sweep generator, and display the result on an
oscilloscope. With this arrangement, you can tune your antenna
without requiring a light bulb.

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