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Default 4NEC2?

On Mon, 15 Oct 2018 10:43:09 -0400, Ralph Mowery

In article ,

Consider a 2 tone signal at the 9MHz USB IF, comprising 900Hz and
1300Hz tones.

The components will be 9.0009 and 9.0013

Subtract the VFO at 5.5MHz:

9.0009 - 5.5 = 3.50009
9.0013 - 5.5 = 3.50013

Nothing has been inverted. The 80m signal is still upper sideband.


Ralph is posting from and google groups
strips the crosspost - without a repeater, he's not going to answer you.

Try it the other way around and use a ssb generated at 5 mhz and the vfo
at 9 mhz. It is difficult for me to remember which was used for the vfo
and ssb generator.

I'm fairly sure the SSB was generated at 9MHz. Googling for a
reminder, I find a large number of 9MHz sideband crystal filters
available, while nothing for 5MHz. Presumably, the 9MHz sideband
crystal filter is use for both the receiver IF filter and in the
exciter SSB generator to strip off the unwanted sideband.
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