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Default 4NEC2?

Roger Hayter wrote:
Stephen Thomas Cole wrote:

Roger Hayter wrote:
mm0fmf wrote:


Of course none of us would **** on Burt if he were on fire. Apart from
Dicky 'Rimjob' Brown. But that's because he's trying to hide the fact he
lied about his licence level.

You say "none of us" - there are only three of you! Most group users
don't particularly love Reay and his acolytes much more than Spike, I
would think.

I'd **** on Burt if he weren't on fire. Does that make you feel better,
Rog? I'd also put a dog dirt through his letterbox.

Quite so. But there are still only three of you.

If I were you, Rog, I wouldn’t take a straw poll on how many of the group’s
regulars would put a dog dirt through your letterbox.