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Default 4NEC2?

Jim GM4DHJ ... wrote:

"Stephen Thomas Cole" wrote in message
Roger Hayter wrote:
Stephen Thomas Cole wrote:

Roger Hayter wrote:
mm0fmf wrote:

Of course none of us would **** on Burt if he were on fire. Apart from
Dicky 'Rimjob' Brown. But that's because he's trying to hide the fact
lied about his licence level.

You say "none of us" - there are only three of you! Most group users
don't particularly love Reay and his acolytes much more than Spike, I
would think.

I'd **** on Burt if he weren't on fire. Does that make you feel better,
Rog? I'd also put a dog dirt through his letterbox.

Quite so. But there are still only three of you.

If I were you, Rog, I wouldn't take a straw poll on how many of the group's
regulars would put a dog dirt through your letterbox.

I wouldn't do that to anybody......

Thanks for the re****, Jim.