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Default Maxwell's Equations; the big fraud?

On 24/10/2018 15:38, Roger Hayter wrote:
Gareth's Downstairs Computer

Whereas some of us can grandly quote the differential form of
Maxwell's Equations with our "Del dot" and "Del cross"
notations, I wonder how many, if at all, of us can actually solve
what are those 3-dimensional differential equations in real situations?

Not many, I suspect.

And certainly not I in my current stage of electromagnetic revision!

I really don't think anyone can solve them in a real situation, except
by using numerical methods on small bits of the real situation and
combining them. In which case any of us can probably do it using the
right software.

Writing the software was probably a bit of a challenge.

That's an interesting observation from a retired medical practitioner!

Is there something about your education that you're not telling us? :-)

Hopefully, I'm working towards an understanding of the innards of such