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Default Maxwell's Equations; the big fraud?

On 10/24/2018 11:44 AM, Gareth's Downstairs Computer wrote:

Where I studied this stuff originally just coming up to 50 years ago,
there was never enough time allowed in the courses to really understand
what was happening, you just had to recognise the formulae and where to
apply them in exam questions. I drifted away from electromagnetics in
the 3rd year, specialising in computer engineering, so never really got
much past Maxwell, but now, because of the amateur radio interest,
especially antennae, I'd now like to take on a deep understanding of
what's happening.

Hello. So you want a "deep" understanding of antenna theory? Pick up a
copy of the two volume "bible" set from McGraw-Hill that I used in a
grad school course, "Antenna Theory" by R.E. Collin and F.J. Zucker.
These texts will set you back a few bucks. But be warned: If you don't
understand that undergrad vector calculus stuff like "curl" and
"divergence" used in things such as Green's and Stokes' theorems, you'll
be lost in the forest. (Wishing amateur radio folks would stop using
the modifier "magnetic" when mentioning loop antennas). Sincerely,

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