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Dee D. Flint
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In article , Larry Roll
K3LT wrote:

There is a least one person posting some astounding numbers based on
the FCC database on the forums which purport to show that 97%
of no code techs are dropping out after the term of the license
expires. Of course there is only about 6 months of FCC data being used
as a baseline due to the grace periods.

Perhaps the no code requirement for HF (if adopted by the FCC) will
keep more of the technician class in the ARS than the numbers predict.

Doubtful. Keep in mind that a large percentage of no-code techs (and other
license classes for that matter) are inactive and will not get the word.
It's been awhile since the requirement was dropped to 5wpm and there has
been no noticeable surge of pre-1987 Techs getting the paper upgrade to
General and no surge of Tech plusses taking the General written. All of
these people should have gotten their upgrades by now and haven't. There's
plenty of hams don't even know about it.

Dee D. Flint, N8UZE