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"Larry Roll K3LT" wrote in message
In article , K3UD

There is a least one person posting some astounding numbers based on
the FCC database on the forums which purport to show that 97%
of no code techs are dropping out after the term of the license
expires. Of course there is only about 6 months of FCC data being used
as a baseline due to the grace periods.

Perhaps the no code requirement for HF (if adopted by the FCC) will
keep more of the technician class in the ARS than the numbers predict.


That will largely depend on what the HF phone bands become when the
present Technician-class licensees get their no-code General-class
upgrade and start plugging in the microphones. If, in the ensuing bedlam,
they are turning off large numbers of those who would have potentially
been good, decent HF phone ops, then there could be a problem.
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure that's precisely what will happen. What
I'm waiting to see is whether or not we get more HF digital operators --
preferably ones with reasonable typing skills.

73 de Larry, K3LT

I tend to agree with you Larry on this one. I see a large influx of no
nothing newguys trashing all up and down the bands. Until they run into a
75 or 20 meter 'klick'. Then its all over. It will make the AM/SSB wars
look like a skirmish.

Which is exactly what the FCC wants. Just another reason to shut down the

I have decided that when I see the first sign of this insanity I will
forever place the microphone in the trash bin. With the exception of my
MARS and Traffic Nets functions.