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Originally Posted by TIM TERROR 721 View Post
I was wondering if anyone has a Yaesu frg-100 for parts i really need the whole
upper board It doesn't matter what the condition of the radio as long as the
board is ok. Please e mail me. Thank you ,Tim
Hello. Are you still in need of a Yaesu FRG-100?
I have had an FRG-100 for a long time. My radio was in storage for several years, but I finally unpacked it just under a year ago. The FRG-100 was working perfectly since being*unpacked but I did notice that the knobs seemed a bit stiff.

Unfortunately, something snapped inside it and now the tuning knob spins freely but does not tune the radio. I suspect a belt got old and brittle and snapped. At this point, I am not sure I have the time or patience to open it up and try to fix it, plus there is the risk that parts may not be available or I might make it worse.

So, the radio should be functional except for that tuning knob. I checked the tuning with the up/down buttons to verify all is well.

I was going to put this on eBay, but I did a search and that's how I came up with your post looking for one.

Please let me know if you are still interested in this radio and we can discuss further. I can follow up with photos or similar.

- jr