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Old June 17th 05, 06:23 PM
Bob Haberkost
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Default FM Antenna and Reception Problems

"Frank Benton" wrote in message
| "butlercellars" wrote in message
| ...

| Our local cable company, Comcast, doesn't carry FM radio signals;
| therefore, I'm trying to improve my FM reception on my home receiver.

One of the antennas I use with some success is what I call my "picture
frame" antenna, as it's mounted on a picture frame with the standard
dimensions of about 3 by 4 feet (with a "painting" by a Starving Artist or
whatever) which gives you a circumference of about 14 feet, or about the
wavelength of an FM signal. Buy sufficient *unsheilded* twin-lead from
your local electronics supply store, cutting a length sufficient to mount
it around the frame, using nails, glue or whatever works to keep it wrapped
around the frame.

Taking the excess (you DID buy excess, didn't you?) attach one wire to one
of the wires of this loop. Follow the loop around the frame, to assure
then that you have the other end of this wire at the other end of the loop.
Connect *it* to the remaining wire on the side already connected to your
feeder, and then connect the last wire to the free wire on your feeder.
The end result is you'll have two loops, at about the correct wavelength
for FM. Hams and CB'ers use a similar design, called a cubical quad, which
you might see on towers...they're squares, mounted some distance apart, and
are very directional.

This antenna is somewhat directional as well. If you have problems with
some local strong stations, it might be possible to reduce their strength
if your antenna is properly oriented. You can hang the picture directly
over your receiver (assuming you don't mind showing an Elvis on velvet) or
simply place it behind your stereo cabinet if you have one. Using this
antenna I've pulled in stations from over 120 miles away consistently with
a good line of sight (Erie PA to Toronto, where most of the FMs were at
lower than normal power, high atop the CN Tower), on a receiver not
particularly sensitive. Your results may vary.
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