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Old January 3rd 05, 02:53 PM
Psychiatrist to keyclowns
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Default sicko freak mopey wishes this want the truth

You have to understand the motivation behind mopey's visits. Keyclowns
are desperate people...they do not have the mental faculties to
tolerate being bugged about their keyclownism. It makes them upset
because they have to hear dissent. Steveo is the poster child for this
attitude. He simply cannot take it when somebody gives him crap about
being a keyclown.

This atttude has no doubt been developed by a lifetime of crying and
whining to get his way. It started in his childhood, when he whined and
cried in supermarkets and malls to get candy or toys. When his parents
indulged him in these situations it reinforced the idea in his young
mind that if he yelled and cried to get his way that he should always
get it.

As he became a young adult and found that life had to be met on life's
terms, not his, he railed at the injustice of it all. Teen years
immediately before this stage found him in a constant state of barely
controlled rage and often acting out in his frustration. Typical of
such incidents are punching people who cut him off in traffic, yelling
obscenities out car windows, and showing no consideration for others.

Such is the mentality of a keyclown. RF spectrum, to a keyclown, is
nothing more than a wide open space to play in. If this were a private
yard or a public place belonging to all taxpayers, the evidence of
keyclownism would be obvious. The place would be uncaringly trashed
with garbage and the observed attitude would be "So what if it is a
mess, you wanna MAKE me clean up after myself, sucker?"

The visits to peoples' homes are an expression of this frustrated,
thwarted, angry personality. Mopey tries to make someone conform to his
ideas of what should be in the NG by making threats and visits. To
mopey, the worst thing on earth would be if the AKC knows his address,
and his logic is that him knowing AKC addresses should strike fear in
their hearts. You see, when he visits with his 12 gauge digicam the AKC
should shake. They do...with laughter.

The fact that mopeydopey shows himself to be a disturbed individual in
these visits does not dawn on him. This is because he is not inhabited
with the normal sense of right and wrong. His opinion, like that of all
keyclowns, is that whatever he wants to do is OK, and if someone
disagrees then he has the right to attack them, physically or
otherwise. This affliction is commonly called a sociopathic disorder.

The very fact of posting this message will bring a barrage of name
calling, threats, and other things that keyclowns believe are
effective. They think they are effective because they are effective at
riling THEM up. This attitude is consistant with keyclownism's main
root causes: the fact that keyclowns are only aware of what they want
and have no concern for others, coupled with a total inability to
tolerate even the most basic forms of disagreement.

The reactions to this post will prove the thesis as presented.
Keyclowns are simple creatures, and always behave in a predictable


I-zheet M'drurz wrote:

You'll have to forgive GoogleBoy.

I bet you wish you were good at computer stuff, eh pedohile? GM
every C5 they sell by VIN. You could have found my address from my
2001, or 1998 C5. Disney keeps records of who is on their ships. You
could have found me by my Disney Cruise earlier this year. If you
and call Ford, you can find my address by the 2005 Jaguar S-Type I
last month. And if you wait a few more months, you can locate my
by my FAA Pilot License when I get it. Did you ever bother calling
congressman to ask if every major branch of your Federal Government is
implementing SAP? Just out of curiosity, why does the Megan Database
that not only are you living in Brackenridge, but that you used to
Saxonburg, Tarentum, and Pittsburgh? It also says you used to be
to a Diane Pendergast. Why did she leave? Was it the pedophilia

Megan Law, Pennsylvania State database:

Pendergast, Thomas

818 9th Ave,
Brackenridge, PA 15014-1024

601 E Eighth Ave
Tarentum, PA 15084-1628
(724) 224-7546

Spouse: Pendergast, Diane - status = DIVORCED

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Old January 3rd 05, 07:24 PM
geo has issues..
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More petty quibbling from the so called keyclowns, again?

You sure are an obcessive little psychotic poster child.. aren't you??

"Psychiatrist to keyclowns" wrote in message

(n8's absurd mewling...snipped)

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Old January 4th 05, 01:35 PM
Psychiatrist to keyclowns
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Nope, AKC aint obsessive at all. We just like a good laugh. mopeydopey
supplies it whenever we operate his controls.

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Old January 4th 05, 05:14 PM
geo has issues..
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"Psychiatrist to keyclowns" mewled in message

Nope, AKC aint obsessive at all. ------ ::chuckle:: )

Riiight....!?!? ..and you also claim to be hetrosexual too, eh...fruitloop???


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Old January 5th 05, 10:10 PM
David Lawson
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"Psychiatrist to keyclowns"

Aren't you n8wwm, "Psychiatrist to keyclowns"?

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