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Default [W2LJ] Very disappointing

W2LJ QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Very disappointing

Posted: 11 Oct 2018 09:41 AM PDT m=email

There was a post to a CW reflector that I belong to that I can sympathize
with. In essence, the author stated that he was running a frequency last
night as one of the NAQCC Anniversary stations. A mini contest/sprint came
along and he was run off the frequency that he had been occupying.

His complaint was that it appeared to him, at least, that the offending
station hadn't bothered to listen adequately for activity on the frequency.
Apparently, there was not much of a wait time after a "QRL?" if indeed
there was a "QRL?" at all.

This is one of my pet peeves. There are so many operators that will just
jump on a frequency without listening AND without bothering to ask if the
frequency is in use. VERY poor operating etiquette.

What's even more disturbing is that a lot of people who are responding to
his post are dismissive, as his output power was QRP. - 5 Watts


Whether a frequency is occupied by a QRPer or not is not the issue! The
issue is that one operator jumped onto an occupied frequency (seemingly)
without bothering to adequately listen. Period. End of story.

Now, I'm fully aware that QRPers are often not heard all that well. That's
understandable. Many is the time I've been knocked off frequency by a QRO
station. If the station who knocked me off frequency "QRLed" a time or two
AND gave adequate time to listen - I have no beef with that. That person
did their due diligence and I cannot fault them - he/she couldn't hear me,
they truly believed the frequency was clear. I get that - that's the way
the cookie crumbles sometime.

But for someone to not listen beforehand and transmit blindly - or to send
a "QRL?" and listen for only two or three seconds before starting to
transmit is inexcusable in my book. That so many ops of this somewhat
prestigious group are so dismissive of this is disappointing to say the
least. Smacks of snobbery, arrogance and entitlement.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

Did you ever hear that phrase ?

Posted: 11 Oct 2018 09:19 AM PDT

"Genius is the mother of invention"

Dave Hackett KD2FSI has come up with another great idea.

This started a few weeks ago when we were doing that Amateur Radio demo for
the Boy Scouts at Sandy Hook. Dave spirally wrapped a wire around his 31
foot Jackite pole and was using it as an EFHW antenna. He bungee corded it
to his portable ops pack as a self standing unit. For the most part it
worked until a stiff off shore breeze came up and threatened to tumble
everything over. Realizing that discretion is the better part of valor,
Dave removed the antenna from his pack and lashed it to the infrastructure
of the wooden deck that we were operating from.

He (and I) like the idea of being able to use the pack as ballast, though.
So in the best tradition, Dave went back to the drawing board. This is what
he came up with.

By reinforcing his pack frame a bit, and then attaching some large clamps,
he was able to accomplish what he first intended.

So he now has a deploy-able antenna for 20 and 40 Meters, but also for 80
Meters when he adds the coil. And since it's free standing, he has a
solution for tight quarters or when there are no trees or other supports
available for a more "conventional" horizontal wire.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP _ When you care to send the very least!

QRP ARCI Fall Sprint this weekend

Posted: 11 Oct 2018 08:05 AM PDT l

2018 QRP-ARCI(sm) Fall QSO Party

Date/Time: 0000Z to 2359Z on 13 October 2018

Mode: HF CW only.

Exchange: Members send: RST, State/Province/Country, ARCI member number
Non-Members send: RST, State/Province/Country, Power Out

QSO Points:Member = 5 points Non-Member, Different Continent = 4 points
Non-Member, Same Continent = 2 points

Multiplier: SPC (State/Province/Country) total for all bands. The same
station may be worked on multiple bands for QSO points and SPC credit.

Power Multiplier: 5 Watts = x1 1 - 5 Watts = x7 250 mW - 1 Watt = x10
55 mW - 250 mW = x15 55 mW or less = x20

Suggested Frequencies: 160m1810 kHz 80m3560 kHz 40m7030 kHz (please listen
at 7040 kHz for rock bound participants) 20m14060 kHz 15m 21060 kHz
10m28060 kHz

Sco Final Score = Points (total for all bands) x SPCs (total for all
bands) x Power Multiplier.

BONUS POINTS: None available for this contest.

Categories: Entry may be All-Band, Single Band, High Bands (10m-15m-20m) or
Low Bands (40m-80m)

How to Participate: Get on any of the HF bands except the WARC bands and
hang out near the QRP frequencies. Work as many stations calling CQ QRP or
CQ TEST as possible, or call CQ QRP or CQ TEST yourself! You can work a
station for credit once on each band.

Log Submission: Submit your entry online at
Contest logs are not required for entry, but may be requested by the
Contest Manager if required.

Deadline: Entries must be posted on or before 27 October 2018.

Results: Will be published in QRP Quarterly and shown on the QRP-ARCI

Certificates: Will be awarded to the Top 10 Scoring Entrants.

I will be away from the shack for this one, but the seasonal QRP ARCI
Sprints are always fun!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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