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Old September 5th 11, 02:44 PM
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Default L.i.d.

Lousy Inconsiderate Dummies.

I bought my first HF radio last week and was very excited to hook it up to the club's beam antenna and try it out..
I found a non used frequency and called CQ and talked to one or two people and then some L I D came along and decided that he wanted to do a contest on the frequency I already occupied.

I'm not quite for certain if the man was from this country or another country, because his english was not as good as mine. But several people tried to tell him that this frequency was in use and he just kept going.

Maybe the problem was that he was using some type of wire antenna and a amplifier and he was using too much power and couldn't hear as good as he could talk.

So I found another frequency and started again, and people started coming along and tuning up on my frequency. Between the hums and the whistles, I was trying to carry on a conversation.
They were coming in S-9 strong, so it wasn't as if they couldn't hear me talking.

I wish that someone could invent a radio that when someone acted stupid and started being stupid, you could press a button and blow their radio and amplifier up and then they wouldn't do stupid stuff like that anymore.

This weekend was great for propogation, I heard lot's of foreign stations from Europe and those people were only running about 400 - 600 watts.
I didn't talk out of the USA though because that was all the further my signal would go.

Lot's of people down in Louisiana and Mississippi and Florida and Georgia came back to me along with some from Texas and California.
Made a lot of good contacts and a couple of new friends.

I wish that every person that reads this post takes it to heart and actually tries to be a better Ham Radio Operator.
Ask if the frequency is in use.
Give your call sign phonetically and slow.
Go tune up your radio and amplifier in a empty place and turn down the transmit power when you are tuning up. There is no reason to be a inconsiderate Ham.
We all need to share the bands.

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Old January 6th 12, 09:21 PM
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I learned something the other night.

My job is going to be harder then what I thought - to educate all the LIDS out there. A friend of mine who is the founder of a local club, and the club President, has been trying to reform the local clubs to get them more active in Amateur Radio Activities and get them away from being Doughnut clubs.
Clubs that just eats doughnuts and drinks coffee.

Well my friend is not as well versed in actual conversations on amateur radio and prefers DX more then actual chats.
I have been working on trying to make him a little more social able and was trying to show him the other side of amateur radio,.
Where you hear a person calling CQ and answer them and have a good chat.

Every time we found a signal he might be interested in - he would automatically press the antenna tuner and tune right up over the other persons QSO. I wouldn't say I scolded him, but I advised him that doing that was not conducive with being a good ham.

Needless to say, he never realized that what he has been doing for years with his ICOM 7000 was the same thing that he had been complaining about for years. Not being a considerate ham.

A considerate ham - moves off the frequency being used and tunes up and then comes back. There is no reason someone can't move 5 kc's off the frequency to tune up - except for the fact that they are either lazy or so functionally illiterate that their radios and antenna's are so junky that they don't know how to tune up properly or they are afraid that they will loose the signal in the process of tuning up or that 5 kc's is going to make a big difference when it comes to tuning their radio to the antenna.

I saw that only 4 people looked at my post.
Hopefully more will come and make their comment.
73's and 88's.
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Old January 8th 12, 08:06 PM
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I'll jump in. In my opinion some of the most inconsiderate OPs are RTTY contesters. They seem to routinely swamp JT65 and PSK bands during their contests with no regard to who's already operating there. I've seen them in many cases just come right in and and start transmitting over anyone in their way. There are band plans that considerate OPs adhere to and the 20m band plan, for example, allocates a fair amount to RTTY outside of JT65 and PSK frequencies. I don't understand why there are so many RTTY OPs who don't stick to the band plans and totally disregard common courtesy. Maybe I'm missing something here(?)

I'm sure there are contrary opinions on this but this my opinion (which I'm entitled to) and I'm sticking to it. :-)



I saw that only 4 people looked at my post.
Hopefully more will come and make their comment.
73's and 88's.[/quote]

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