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Wogie Buster
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Default Roger Wiseman Dictionary 2005 Edition

There you have it: Just start talking about fags, asses, or
cocksucking, and Woger comes stumbling in stepping on his crank, with
both cap guns blazing.

The Roger Wiseman Dictionary 2005 Edition

"Illarate" West BY GOD Virginny!
"Reveresed" Must be one of those off-brand keyboards.
"Soem" As in Some? What a looser.
"VIRIN" What Wogie was before he met the Lavender Lads.
"Minisule" Miniscule? Like his IQ.
"Champoin" No dictionaries in the mental ward?
"Anoinymous" A cross between anonymous and annoying?
"Acident" Roger's mom got preggers by "acident."
"Alreaedy" Alright, already!
"Amouints" Roger amounts to nothing.
"Aposterphe" A poster boy? Yes, for retards!
"Basios" A word Woger uses when he gets neeeerrrrvous.
"Behing" A cross between being and behind?
"Coiward" As in peeking from behind his mommy's curtains.
"Feamle" Female?
"Losser" Roger's the biggest loser.
"Ignroant" Typical, considering the source.
"Sluprs" Only Rogie knows what this means.
"Travelled" A Rogerism, replete with ignorance.
"Postss" Pssst...Roger..that should be Posts.
"Defgenerate" Well, it's Roger's word...
"Faity" He meant to say Fairy, but you know Roger.

"Ghet" Get a load of Curtain Boy!
"Distribiution" Roger likes using phonics.
"Biotch" He meant Bitch, but his phonics took over again.
"Methjadone" A West Virginia substitute for Heroin.
"Sumbliminal" One of Roger's favorites.
"Recepticle" Either of Roger's moist cavaties.
"Cociane" A West Virginia drug of choice?
"Tiome" Roger meant to say Time...but his fingers were numb.
"Beraking" No definition. Could he 'beraking' the leaves?
"Amny" He meant 'any',
"Nlay" A town in Maylaysia?
"Al;ong" Bushman word for penis.
"Becasu" Well, becasu Roger is not the brightest bulb on the tree.
"Seperation" Why? Because Roger cannot "seperate" from his mommie!
"Sisnce" He meant Since, but his pudgy little fingers slipped off the
"gnetically" What?
"provce" prove?
"Piuzza" West Virginia Pizza
"Schol" school?
"strill" still?
"shoitgun" 12 ga or 20 ga?
"Snoip" How they spell "snip" in Glen Dale
"Maturbater" Wiseman does it all the time, he just can't spell it.
"Coskscuking". It's a Roger thing.
"Waddleing". Only in Glen Dale.
"Spaeaking" Curtain Boy was able to resume this after his second
"Stgop" Roger's version of Stop.
"Fahter's" He meant Father's Day.
"fserting" Festering?
"poists" Roger meant "posts".
"snadwich" As in peanut butter and jelly?
"regualr" Wagon Wheel rendition of "regular".
"aftrer" After? Aftrer what?
"soory" Sorry, Roger ****s up again.
"didnb't" He didn't?
"whoile" He ate the whoile thing?
"Woamn" Woman? Man? It's all the same to Woger.
"prrof" And he can prove it, too.
"beforfe" Was that before he larnt to spell?
"yoiuy" Roger's version of "y'all".
"illerate" Only illiterate Roger can spell like this.
"haeart" Aw, how heartless of me to laugh!
"valule" Roger has no values. No wonder he can't spell it.
"proch" Doesn't everyone have one on their house?
"inmstitution" Where Roger's mom put him in June 1999.
"timne" It's Howdy Doody time?
"whgo" What? Who dat?
"crfy" As in, cry, Roger, cry.
"stutrtering" Some stutter, Wiseman stutrters.
"Whjere" Where is Curtain Boy?
"Webiste" That's Website to the rest of us.
"Youire" Your? You're? Who knows.
"fiored" As in fired?
"Parety" Roger gave a party once. Nobody came.
"Bouynce" Bounce?
"Varification" Verifiable mental case.
"Probelms" Poor Rogie has many problems of the mental sort.
"Partricipate" Oh, DUH!!!!
"Cryed" Cry me a river moron!
"Stoick" He meant stork. That's who delivered the parentless ****.
"Partiall" More WV Phonics, I see.
"Obsucred" Either obscured or Rogie has "sucre" on his mind.
"Infinate" Stupid. Think finite, Rogie.
"Sustinance" As in Sustenance?
"Juvinile". This is the way Roger likes his boys.
"Piut" Put it where, Rogie?
"Toyus" Toyus R Us?
"Diminuative" Roger's height.
"Percriptions" Say what?
"Credibiliy" Credibelly - a kind of truthful coward.
"Thsoe" Yet another Glen Dale gaffe.

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