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Default [KD8CEC] uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.095Beta Release(Include Nextion, TJC GUI Firmware V2)

KD8CEC Amateur Radio

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.095Beta Release(Include Nextion, TJC GUI
Firmware V2)

Posted: 05 Jul 2018 06:46 PM PDT

uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.095Beta Release(Include Nextion LCD and TJC
LCD GUI Firmware V2)
uBITX firmware CEC Version is based on uBITX which has not modified
anything. Prior to deployment, the 16x02 LCD with built-in is tested first.
Nextion LCD, TJC LCD, 20x04 LCD and I2C LCD are not essential for using
uBITX Firmware CEC version.
In order to view signals from Character LCD or Nextion LCD, Signal Meter
Sensor must be installed. Of course, CEC Firmware operates normally even if
S-meter sensor is not installed.

1.Installation and Introduction
The link below contains installation instructions and basic usage, so this
post will briefly explain the changes.

Select .HEX file
Two uBITX firmware are available for Nextion LCD (include TJC LCD).
The file 'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NX.hex' and the file 'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NXU.hex'.
Most of the features of both files are the same.

Nextion LCD (include TJC) can control uBITX's memory.
'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NXU.hex' version can read and write all memory areas of
uBITX on Nextion LCD.
The 'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NX.hex' version can read all the memory areas of
uBITX on the Nextion LCD, but the writes can only be written to the 770~775
area.(I assigned 770 to 775 of the EEProm of uBITX for external devices)
In order to use 'stored channel, load channel' added in this version, you
can upload 'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NXU.Hex' file.If you want to keep uBITX a
little safer, use version 'UBITX_CEC_V1.095_NX.Hex'
2.uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.095 and Nextion, TJC LCD GUI V2 Download
Precompiled .HEX files
Nextion LCD GUI Files (include gui sourcefile (.hmi), precompiled
(.tft))Officaial Support 2.4", 2.8", but include 3.2, 3.5 for test (just
converted from 2.8")
I have added 2.4".TFT files and uploaded again. If you are using 2.4",
TJC LCD GUI Files (include gui sourcefile (.hmi), precompiled
(.tft))Officaial Support 2.4", 2.8", but include 3.2, 3.5 for test (just
converted from
Nextion LCD GUI Template file for Developer, The Template file is a blank
screen that only communicates with
Since uBITX firmware source files will continue to change, we will push to
github when the beta period ends.

3.Changes and improvements
3.1 Bug fixed (for all LCD version include character LCD)
Fixed a bug where changed frequency can not be applied when frequency is
changed during split communication.

3.2 Improved responsiveness to button touch
(SDR, Split, TX On/Off, RIT, IF-S and more)

3.3 Add communication protocol with other devices
I have made it possible to connect various devices that communicate UART to
the LCD in parallel. Below is an example of connecting two LCDs in parallel.
When connected in parallel, devices can communicate with each other using
the added protocol.
Version 1.095 included an example of connecting two LCDs and turning off
one LCD from the other. This will be covered again in the Nextion LCD
development documentation

3.4 Multi-LCD support

Please refer to the separate post. See link below (below 3.10)

3.5 Frequency shift by left and right touch of frequency panel
Touch the area A in the figure below to decrease the frequency. Touch the
area C to increase the frequency and Touch the area B to Display Frequency
Input Page

3.6 Reduces the number of screen refreshes
(ex : When Select Mode)

3.7 Selectable Tune Step
You can select Tune Step by touching A area in the figure below

The following Tuen Step selection line is displayed. Just touch the desired

3.8 Improved when waking from Screen Saver mode
There are two ways to wake up from the screen saver. The first is to
change the frequency by turning Dial.
The CEC Firmware Version 1.095 and Version 1.094 calculates the time to
switch to the screen saver as the time that the frequency stays unchanged.

Another way is to touch the bottom left of the screen. (CW Information
Panel Area)

In Version 1.094, when you touch the screen to exit the Screen Saver mode,
you are switched to the 'Main control' page at the same time you leave
Screen Saver mode.
In Version 1.095, only leaves Screen Saver mode.

3.9 Added Spectrum function using S-Meter sensor (Useful or fun)
Please refer to the separate post. See link below (below 3.10)

3.10 Added Band Scan function using S-Meter sensor (Useful or fun)
Please refer to the separate post. See link below

Please refer to the following link and video for the contents up to here.

Multi LCD and Improvements introduced

Spectrum and Band scan

3.11 Icon alignment and font normalization
There was a feedback between the picture and the text that the font was

3.12 Apply CW Frequency Shift (since 1.03 version with character LCD)
It is displayed on the screen in two ways in CWL and CWU mode,
If you want to be displayed as the actual transmitted frequency, set the
following in uBITX Manager.

The actual transmitted frequency will be displayed on the screen. This
feature is supported from Version 1.03, Nextion LCD and TJC LCD support
this feature from this release.

3.13 Dial Lock function applied to touch screen
When Dial Lock is applied, The touch screen is also locked.
When waking up from Screen Saver mode, you must touch the Dial Lock area

3.14 Easy to touch UI of main control screen

3.15 Added memory storage function
Because uBITX's memory is utilized, it can be applied to all LCDs
You can use any Nextion LCD or TJC LCD even if it is not Enhanced Model.

I'll post usage for this part separately

I post a separate article about features that need clarification before
deployment, but Version 1.095 is distributed in advance at the request of
beta testers who want to test it.
That's why I have not yet posted about the Memory feature. Please wait a
day or two and we will post the contents related to memory.

4.Conclusion ( and To GUI Developer)
Thanks to everyone who tested the beta. If there is a serious bug in this
version, I will patch it as soon as possible.

The Thankful developers have converted to 3.2 ", 3.5", 5 ", 7", Thank you
very much. Thanks to that, I can work fast on 2.8 ".

I have tried not to change the protocol since Version 1.094, But I had to
change a few things in this version, After a lot of worries, I added some
global variables and changed the structure of the page. I know that this
will cause embarrassment for GUI developers.

However, we had to change it for future expansion and stability.
I promise not to make such a big change in the future.

I only had a month of GUI programming on Nextion LCD, So I did not know how
to be more scalable and stable. As I learned the characteristics of the
Nextion LCD, we felt the need to change to ensure stability and scalability.

I changed the name of Main Page from pm - px, This is for protocol
Nextion LCD has limited memory per page. I felt I needed to leave the Main
VFO page a bit blank for future additions.
So I moved the variables to receive data from uBITX to another page. The
main VFO (page named 'px') now contains only the functions and variables
for displaying data on the screen.

I added a new page (pm).
I have kept the compatibility with the existing protocol by assigning the
name 'pm' to the new Page. The pm page contains all the variables used for
data communication (from 'px' page)
This page is dedicated to communication and should not be modified.

And I have added variables for vq, vv, vk, vl, vm for communication.
Currently, only vq and vv are used. vk, vl, vm are reserved

I appreciate the GUI developer's understanding. I also appreciate everyone
using and testing the beta version.

Thanks for readingIan KD8CEC

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