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Default WIANEWS for week commencing JULY 22 2007

This is WIANEWS for week commencing JULY 22 2007

Temporary phone towers may be needed after tank rampage in Sydney.

Telstra says it may have to install temporary cell phone towers in Sydney's
west to replace ones which were damaged last Friday night when a man went on
a rampage in a restored army personnel carrier.

The man led police on a 90-minute chase through a number of suburbs.

Police are alleging that the 45-year-old destroyed six phone towers and
damaged an electricity sub-station.

He's been charged with a range of offences including malicious damage and
predatory driving. The Magistrate recommended that the APC driver
receive medical and psychiatric treatment before his case goes to Local Court.

Telstra spokesman Jeremy Mitchell says repair crews were not able to gain
immediate access to the towers as they were a "scene of crime".

With all those towers out, one wonders if the accused ever managed his
obligatory "one phone call" when finally arrested.


Sunday, June 17, a very productive meeting was held at the Sunshine Coast
Amateur Radio Club clubhouse. Representatives from many clubs in
Queensland meet together with the intent to form a WICEN Secretariat.

The concept is to redistribute the considerable workload previously placed
on the State Coordinator, whereas the 6 or so members of the Secretariat
work together as a team to further develop WICEN involvement with
Government agencies in times of need.

The VK4 WICEN Secretariat consists of representatives from Far North Region,
North Region, Central Queensland, South East Region, South West Region,
Moreton Region and Sunshine Coast Region.

Chairmanship of the Secretariat was accepted by Richard, VK4YRP for a
12 month tenure.

Much of this revitalisation is due to the Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio Club
along with support of Government, SES and local business. SCARC certainly
have inspired other club's to get back into doing WICEN things in VK4.

The new Secretariat encourages clubs to appoint a WICEN coordinator to
their executive ASAP, not withstanding that many clubs in VK4 have a strong
WICEN, SES tie up already, these clubs are to be commended and please keep
up the good work.

For more details, please contact the VK4 WICEN Secretariat via email,
(From - Peter Schrader -


The closing date for applications for grants to affiliated clubs closed
last Monday, and we had received by then 8 separate submissions from 7
different clubs.

The WIA has allocated $5,000 this year for grants to affiliated clubs, to
support projects that promote and advance amateur radio, the WIA and it's
Affiliated Clubs by supporting useful and/or innovative projects undertaken
or to be undertaken by Affiliated Clubs.

Now it is over to the 2007 Grants Committee, Don Wilchefski VK4BY, Deane
Blackman VK3TX and Wally Howse VK6KZ.

The WIA office has received a number of phone calls from WIA Exam Service
assessment candidates concerned about the delay in the processing of their
applications for certificates of proficiency and apparatus licences by ACMA
after the WIA has forwarded them.

The WIA has been advised by Alan Jordan of ACMA that the turnaround for
processing amateur licenses has been extended as a result of the need to
train new staff, and some new responsibilities given to those staff.

It has recently taken as much as 4 weeks for an amateur licence application
to be processed.

Alan tells us that it is ACMA's aim to achieve a two-week turnaround time
for issuing amateur licences, not quite as good as the turnaround time we
have enjoyed recently, certainly a lot better than at present.

So please, don't chase the WIA office or ACMA if you haven't had your new
callsign issued in a couple of weeks. Allow more time for ACMA processing.

The WIA will continue to aim to forward the applications and certificates
within 5 working days after their receipt from the Assessors.

A final request.

Ted Thrift has been seeking details from all of the clubs of the right
person for potential amateurs to contact for training and assessment.

The information is needed for the Callbook, and so it is quite important
that he has the right information in time to get it into the Callbook.

Please help Ted by responding now if you haven't already done so.

(vk1 wx)


The BRM Silverstone Safari runs Saturday 11 August. Some VK1's had
volunteered some or most of their Saturday for an earlier date and the
organisers would like to encourage you to think about generously offering
your time and effort again for this new date, August 11.

Please let Mike Thurgar VK1TMT (
) know if you are
able to assist WICEN give the Light Car Club of Canberra a hand with the
running of this event.


Queensland Digital Group visit

University of Queensland Tools of Science

The fifth Tools of Science meeting for 2007 will be held at 6pm on Tuesday
(July 24), speaker will be Neil Boucher and the topic:

Prehistory of Radio

The official story is that Heinrich Hertz, born in 1847 was the first to
send and receive radio signals between 1885 and 1889. Actually it had been
done twice before in 1866 by Mahlon Loomis and in 1879 by David E Hughes.
Neil will look at the intriguing system developed by Loomis.

Neil Boucher is an Electrical Engineer and author of several books on
telecommunications including The Cellular Radio Handbook, now in its 4th
edition. He has undertaken to resolve the controversial claims and counter
claims by many of radio before Hertz, and has concluded that two of the
pre-radio-age systems were viable and almost certainly did work as
described by their inventors.

The QDG web site has more information at
(Alan VK4YAR)


The Barossa Amateur Radio Club held its AGM on Friday the 13th July and
Ian VK5AIC was re-elected as President, Norm VK5NR as Treasurer/Secretary
and Peter VK5ZLX as Vice President & Publicity Officer.

The club re-broadcasts this, the VK1WIA national news on the local VK5RBV
repeaters each Sunday evening at 8.00pm.

Listen on 146.825 MHz and 438.425 MHz.

A call-back and net will follow the broadcast, please call in and let em
know you've been listening.


August 5 - HAMFEST 2007 happens in Perth at 9am.
This at the Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre Ashfield.


Amateur Radio Now Legal in all Texas Public Schools

In what can only be termed a huge victory for the future of Amateur
Radio in Texas, Governor Rick Perry signed Senate Bill 11 (SB11) into
law in June. Among many disaster response specifications, the new law
contains two important Amateur Radio-related provisions: State employees
who are ham radio operators may to take up to 10 days of paid leave
while participating in a disaster response or training exercise, and
Amateur Radio is now allowed in all Texas public schools.

Local clubs in Texas have been urged to contact their school boards and
encourage them to bring school policies regarding student possession of RF
devices into compliance with the new law.

A decades-old provision in the Texas Education Code
long ago granted Texas schools blanket authority to ban student
possession of all RF devices, including ham radios. .

The old law broadly defined a prohibited "paging device" as any RF
device which had the ability to vibrate, emit a sound, display a
message, or in any way convey a communication to the possessor.

The result of the old law was that in most Texas schools, starting a ham
radio club was simply out of the question. Existing ham radio programs
were even removed from some San Antonio area schools as a direct result
of the old law.

The WIA Amateur Radio Assessment system relies completely on Amateur
Radio Assessors and Learning Facilitators.

In VK4 the next round of Amateur Radio Assessor Training is being
conducted over the RD weekend of 11th and 12th of August on the Gold Coast.

This is training provided by the WIA's Nominated RTO and is free of charge.

The Venue is the Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society, 85 Harper St, Nerang.

Assistance with travel and accommodation for those travelling long distances
is possible if you let them know early enough.

Download and complete an application for Assessor training form from the
WIA website.

If you plan to attend, or if you are just your unsure and have any
questions regarding the training please contact Ron Bertrand VK2DQ on
07 5573 2795.

The WIA, which is Amateur Radio need and rely on WIA Accredited Assessors
particularly in areas where there are currently no Assessors, so "please"
give Ron a call.


To find out when a club in YOUR area is hosting assessments and/or
training in Amateur Radio go to and check out the club pages.

Participating clubs keep this site up to date and post the latest
information for all to see.

Next Foundation Licence course, and Standard / Advanced assessments .....


Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society will run Foundation licence's
at the Aviation Museum, 56 Lipson Street Port Adelaide, August 4th and 5th
Contact the course convenor, Sasi Nayar on 0417 858 547


REAST next examination Sessions is Tuesday 24 July for Standard and
Advanced Exams.

Saturday 28 July will be a Foundation Training and Exam day.

Closing date to book for these sessions is Today Sunday 22 July.

For more information or enrol please contact Reg Emmett VK7KK by
calling 0417 391 607


Congratulations Cheryl Goldfinch who successfully obtained competency in
WIA Exam Service assessments held at Cardwell during FNNQARG and who has
just been issued Foundation callsign VK4FRYL.

Also we welcome Joachim who was successful in REAST, VK7's last foundation
assessment. Joachim now has his Callsign and it is VK7FAAI, welcome
to the airwaves.


It is with deep regret we advise that Alf Webb VK2UC is now Silent Key.

Alf Webb, Silent Key at just on 102 years of age.

Alf Webb was born on 10th September 1905 in the London suburb of Islington.
He migrated to Australia in May 1911 and moved to the Lismore

He served in the 15th Light-horse Regiment from 1924 to 1931.

In 1940 he joined the Army Volunteer Defence Corps until entering Army
Signals in 1943 where he served until his discharge in June 1946.

In the VDC his Section passed Heliograph traffic from Mt Warning to
Coffs Harbour, 133 miles serving as a Signaller and later got his Amateur
License in 1947.

In 1990 he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to
Returned Servicemen and the RSL and the community.

Alf was a foundation member of Summerland Amateur Radio Club and also
President of SARC in 1984 and later made a Life Member of SARC.

He was Australia's oldest active amateur, being active on air every day on
Morse and voice until a few months before his death.

He would have been 102 years old next September.

Vale Alf Webb OAM, VK2UC, SK.
(John Alcorn. VK2JWA for SARC)


14th IARU R3 Conference Christchurch 12 - 16 October, 2009.

Though it is some time away, Terry Carrell ZL3QL Chairman of the organizing
committee reports that plans are well under way for the conference.

VE2XPO on the Air Again 40 Years Later:

Forty years ago, more than 50 million people from five continents visited
the Universal and International Exhibition (Expo 67), the World's Fair, in
Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Roland Masse, VE2PX, and the Radio Amateurs of Quebec (RAQI) set up and
operated Amateur Radio station VE2XPO from Ste-Helene Island at the

Their first contact was with W1AW.

More than 6000 contacts were made during the exhibition. Now, 40 years
later, VE2XPO is on the air again on all bands from until July 29
using CW and SSB.

There will be a special QSL card

(QSL via Jacques Dube, VE2QK, 875 St-Severe, Trois Rivieres, Quebec G9A 4G4,

Kylea made mention earlier of that Texan Bill SB11 just passed, well it
not only favours School Children but is termed a huge victory for the future
of Amateur Radio disaster response.

The new bill grants State employees who are ham radio operators to take up
to 10 days of paid leave while participating in a disaster response or
training exercise's!!
(sourced to arrl)

================================================== =====================


The recent wildfire near Lake Tahoe on the Nevada and California
border has not put an end to the planning for this year's hidden
transmitter hunting championship games. They will take place as
planned. Amateur Radio Newsline's Joe Moell K0OV, has the story.

It's full speed ahead with preparations for the Seventh Annual
Championships of Amateur Radio Direction Finding, or ARDF. This
year's championships will take place on the weekend of September 14
through 16 in the El Dorado Forest near Lake Tahoe. That's in the
Sierra Mountains near the California/Nevada border. Primary sponsor
is the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Club. Marvin Johnston KE6HTS is
General Chair of the organizers.

Most of the competitors will be staying at Camp Concord, a rustic but
comfortable facility that's two miles west of the city of South Lake
Tahoe, near the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake. Camp staff will provide
meals during the events, and everyone can walk to the competition
courses from there.

Registration opened in early June and plans for the championships were
proceeding. Then on the afternoon of June 24, a forest fire broke out
south of Fallen Leaf Lake. Fanned by high winds, it moved rapidly
northeast into a nearby residential area. Over 550 fire-fighters
worked diligently around the clock to slow the expansion of the burn
area and prevent further structure damage.

Full containment of the Angora fire, as it was called, was achieved
just before Independence Day. It destroyed 3100 acres, 242 homes and
67 commercial buildings. Total loss has been estimated at 11.7
million dollars.

Camp Concord is 1.6 miles from the edge of the burn area and has
reopened for the summer camping season. The entire burn area is
closed until at least November 30 to protect the fragile environment.
But the forest land near the shores of Fallen Leaf Lake has mostly
been spared.

With a few minor map revisions, everything looks good to go. Early
Bird registration was scheduled to end on July 14, but because of the
delay, that deadline has been extended to July 31

You and your family are invited to the championships this year.
Anyone with reasonable physical abilities can participate. A ham
license is not required and there are no age limits, but you must be
able to run or walk through the forest and carry your DF gear for five
to ten kilometres. You might even win a spot on USA's team to the
next ARDF World Championships. Read more about the championships, and
international-style transmitter hunting, at the usual place: Homing In is entered as one word,

From southern California, this Joe Moell, K-zero-O-V for Amateur Radio


Again, this year's ARDF Championship games will take place on the
weekend of September 14 through 16 in the El Dorado Forest near Lake
Tahoe. And as Joe said, more is on-line at


A follow-up to our story two weeks ago about the
invasion of 10 meters by Freeband operators and
truckers using illegal C-B radio gear. The FCC
has now acted in one case where truckers have
been found to have illegally taken up operation
on 28.085 MHz and is warning the company it will
face stiff fines if the pirate operation does not cease.

The target of the FCC enforcement action is
Tennessee Steel Haulers of Nashville,
Tennessee. In a letter to the company the FCC
says that it has evidence that at least one of
Tennessee Steel Haulers drivers had been
operating radio equipment on 28.085 MHz without a
license and causing interference to licensed
stations in the Ten Meter Amateur
Band. Specifically that this past May 3rd the
driver was observed on Interstate 85 in Gastonia,
North Carolina, at 6:40 P.M. while operating the radio gear.

Tennessee Steel Haulers were warned that this
type of unlicensed operation is a direct
violation of Section 301 of the Communications
Act of 1934. The penalty for such operations
includes the possibility of seizure of any
non-certified radio transmitting equipment along
with a hefty fine or even time in jail. The
company was also instructed to contact FCC
Special Counsel Riley Hollingsworth to discuss the issue with him.

================================================== =====================


New beacons on 40 and 60MHz

Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, located near Oxford, has just
received licences for some very special beacons. The National
Frequency Assignment Panel has allocated 40.050MHz and 60.050MHz for
use by GB3RAL. Ofcom has issued NoVs for these frequencies, which will
be used alongside other beacons on the site. GB3RAL will operate on 5,
28, 40, 50, 60 and 70MHz. This will provide a valuable propagation
resource for amateurs worldwide. Please remember though that 40MHz and
60MHz are not amateur bands and these spot frequencies are for GB3RAL only.


Boat Anchor Sprints:
August (11)
Local ZL time: 2000 to 2100 hrs
Check New Zealand's "Break-in" or NZART website.

AUGUST 11/12 Remembrance Day Contest (The RD)

A reminder that the RD contest is fast approaching.

For those in VK1 Reflector, expressions of interest to take part in a
CRARC Club Station activity for this years RD Contest has been called for.

Their Contest and Field Day coordinator is seeking expressions of interest
in the running of a Club Station entry for this years RD Contest from the
Farrer Shack. This would require that they have a team of operators to be
able to undertake such an operation over the weekend.

Brad Alves VK1FRST is the man with the plan.

(02) 6286 7292.

Peter Harding VK4OD says there are only 20 days to the 2007 RD contest.

With the Sunspot cycle at the bottom (so they say), lets hope that the
weather holds favourable in that there are no storms to interfere with the
contest this year.

For those of you that will using electronic logging software " Don't
forget to update NOW.....

Hand written logs will still be require a hand written, signed declaration.


On the rules are available along with associated documents.

VK's longest continual net;
The Southern Cross DX Net has been running for 43 years, operates
7 days a week - propagation permitting - on a frequency
of 14.238.5MHz at 1215 zulu.

Seanet 2007

Tony Waltham, HS0ZDX reports that the 35th Southeast Asia Net (SEANET)
convention will take place in the Thai town of Lampang from November
8-11, 2007, hosted by the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand under the Royal
Patronage of His Majesty the King .

Full details of the programme can be found at the SEANET 2007 website


Region III IARUMS Coordinator B.L.Manohar (Arasu) VU2UR

IARU Monitoring System International Coordinator:-
Robert E. Knowles, ZL1BAD.

Len Martinson, ZL1BYA, is Monitoring Service co-ordinator for the NZART.

VK National Coordinator =

VK IARUMS reflector email to subscribe

VK Coordinators for I.A.R.U.M.S.
VK3TZE Jimmy

VK5EV John

Friday 0730 UTC 7.065.5 with VK4CEU David.

Amateur exclusive frequencies where any non-amateur signal is definitely an
intruder, This listing by the late P29KFS, Rick Warnett.

Exclusive amateur only spectrum world wide
7.050 to 7.100
14.000 to 14.250
14.250 to 14.350 No broadcasters
21.000 to 21.450
24.890 to 24.990
28.000 to 29.700

Church Broadcasts

You may recall that in June of last year we informed you that ComReg the
Irish equivalent of ACMA had introduced a Wireless Public Address licensing
Scheme. This scheme allows religious and community organizations to be
licensed to transmit services or events from their public address systems
for the benefit of people in local communities.

Two bands of 40 channels each 10 kHz wide between 27.6 and 27.995 MHz were
allocated for this purpose.

Base station ERP is 0dBW (1 watt AM) or 6dBW (4 watts FM) with a vertically
polarised antenna.

Many churches throughout Ireland are using this scheme and if licensed and
operating within the terms of the licence these transmissions are legal.

However, the IRTS have been notified by the national coordinator of
Intruder Watch for the German National Society DARC that transmissions of
church services, which seem to be originating from Ireland, have been taking
place in the 28 MHz amateur band.

WAV files have been provided of such transmissions on 28.105 MHz.

We would ask all Amateurs world wide to listen out on this frequency and on
the lower portion of the 28 MHz band generally at appropriate times for these
unauthorised stations.
(sourced to IRTS)


For our digitally minded friends, particularly those in the UK, comes word
in their Sunday Telegraph newspaper, that commercial radio companies in
the United Kingdom are looking to set a firm end date for analogue radio.

The industry body RadioCentre was expected to approach the British
broadcast regulator, Ofcom, about setting a shutoff date for analogue
radio that could be as early as 2015.

An analogue shutdown would mirror the transition path being followed by
the U-K television industry, which will see an end to terrestrial
analogue broadcasting in 2012.

There is a concern, according to the Telegraph report, that only a
firm analogue shutoff date will ensure continued investment and
development of digital radio, although there are political concerns
about making millions of analogue receivers obsolete.

Net is held each Mondays on 3.580 MHz, commencing at 1030 UTC.
(1000utc during daylight saving)

As you no doubt have heard, this WIA National News will be "taken over" by
the girls of ALARA on August 5. Marilyn VK3DMS has been busy 'rounding up'
potential "announcer-esses..." So stay tuned!


21.360 - 18.160 - 14.300 - 7.060 - 3.760 MHz.


The scenario of a mock bird flu a pandemic was the basis of a
simulated emergency exercise, called "Operation Kung Flu." This,
involving about 200 Santa Barbara California County public health and
disaster planning officials along with medical service representatives
and of course a number of ham radio volunteer communicators.

Amateur Radio NewsLine says the drill took place on June 20th.

In past exercises members of the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio Emergency
Service have played an important role in the Health Department's
backup communications between it and the local hospitals.

This time officials requested the ARES group conduct a communications
survey during the exercise to evaluate how effective Ham Radio could be as
a backup.

ARES members identified 34 facilities in the area and sent a team out
to each location to record G-P-S coordinates. They also drew a map of
directions to each location, conducted a radio check using mobile and
handheld gear and sent back a slow scan television picture of the
site. The exercise proved ARES could establish solid communications at
all locations tested.

Following the exercise Bruce Carter, the Manager of the Office of
Emergency Services for the County of Santa Barbara issued a letter
praising the ARES hams. He said and we quote: "ARES is always
there, willing and up to any task."



Sept 13 Alarameet 2008 will be held in Ulverstone Tasmania on Saturday
13th and Sunday 14th September 2008. Susan VK7LUV for details.

International Telecommunication Union's Telecom World 2009.

14th IARU R3 Conference Christchurch 12 - 16 October, 2009.


July 21 - GGREC Hamfest at Cranbourne, South of Melbourne - 10am

August 5 - HAMFEST 2007 happens in Perth at 9am.
Cyril Jackson Recreation Centre
Fisher Street

September One the Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club presents WINTERFEST,
Sydney region's premier hamvention, at the 1st Blaxland Scout Hall in
Reading Street Glenbrook.

BMARC has secured a number of leading retailers of amateur radio equipment,
antennas, morse keys, accessories, components and software. The WIA Bookshop
will have their extensive range of books, CD's and other amateur radio
related publications for sale and the popular flea market will be a feature
again this year.

A monster sausage sizzle and hot and cold refreshments will be available.

For directions to the venue and up-to-the-minute news on Winterfest and
other BMARC activities, point your browser to

September 1 don't dare miss this year's WINTERFEST.
(John VK2QN Publicity Officer Blue Mountains Amateur Radio Club Inc)

SUNSHINE COAST HAMFEST at Woombye School of Arts Hall.

North Queensland Amateur Radio Convention
Happening in twin cities of Thuringowa and Townsville.

Gold Coast Amateur Radio Society Annual Hamfest at Albert Waterways Hall.

JANUARY 20 2008

The Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Group invite all amateurs to attend the
2008 Mid North Coast Radio Expo to be held in Coffs Harbour on Sunday 20th

The Expo is held at the St Johns Church Hall, Mc Lean Street, Coffs Harbour.
Gary VK2ZKT is the Radio Expo Coordinator on 02 66 55 2 990 or visit the
Groups comprehensive web site at

(Will McGhie VK6UU is WIA National Historian)

The Pedal Radio

Australia's population density is just 6.4 people per square mile.
Eighty years ago, with almost no telecommunication infrastructure
beyond the seaboard, the tyranny of distance loomed much larger in
the Outback as the nearest doctor could be several thousand miles
away, with no method of contacting them in an emergency. Hearing that
German WW1 soldiers had used hand-cranked radios for battlefield
communications, Alf Traeger set about creating a radio powered by
bicycle pedals.

The invention of the pedal radio in the late 1920s enabled the famous
Royal Flying Doctor service (RFDS) introduced by the Rev John Flynn,
and offered remote settlements access to telecommunications for the
first time.

Flynn lived in the Outback for most of his life, setting up hostels
and bush hospitals for pastoralists, miners, road workers, railwaymen
and other settlers and families. Known as 'Flynn of the Inland', his
dream of a 'flying doctor service' came to life when H V McKay,
inventor of the McKay Sunshine Harvester left a large sum of money in
his will, and when Traegar developed the pedal radio. This gave
Outback people the voice they needed to summon a doctor if necessary
and at least to be able to get a radio consultation with one.

Pedal radios also meant neighbours, families and friends, scattered
over thousands of square kilometres, could exchange news and gossip
after normal transmission hours. This time became known as
the 'galah' session, after the noisy, chattering native bird.

The School of the Air was also established, using the Flying Doctor
Service network, and supplemented correspondence lessons sent to
Outback children.

In 2005 alone the RFDS attended more than 234,000 patients, with more
than 33,000 aerial evacuations, bringing this huge continent just a
little bit closer for people in the most remote areas of Australia
and this was all built on the groundwork of Alf Traeger and the pedal
HF radio.




Jeff VK4XJJ is still going strong on his walk across Australia.

But he still wants to hear from YOU, and it is these calls in particular
that keep him going!!

Thursday 12th July Jeff walked 26 Km .

Friday walked 34 Km. New record daily walk. Antenna operating at knee
height. 20 vehicles on the road.

Saturday 28Km as the crow flies. Clear blue skies. Camped on a beautiful

Sunday morning interview with Macka on Australia All Over. Macka may walk a
few days with Jeff?
Walked 25 road Kms. Brolgas 100 metres away at sunset.

Monday overcast, no threat of rain, walked 26.6 Km. Many vehicles up to 30
last three days. Several stopping for a chat.

Tuesday 17th July. Walked 17Km into Boulia at noon. Will stay over the
weekend for the camel races. May challenge the locals to walk round the
track between races. He will wear his 27Kg? back pack to give them a start.

No official skeds for a few days. We sent some 10 Kg breaking strain,
stainless steel , plastic coated fishing trace for a new antenna. Complete
with hackles and thimbles. The other antenna kept breaking after being up
and down 90 times.

Jeff is well and continually thanks fellow operators and WIA for their

Regards, Bill Johnson VK2FWGJ for Jeff Johnson VK4XJJ Walking for DeafBlind

Web design & relay station Roger Stierli VK4BNQ

Every Day, from 5:30pm Eastern on 40 meters, 7045 put out a call to


For 122 days, Ralph Tuijn has been rowing from South America towards

Hank VK2BHL says he is close to FK8, maybe they can hear him on marine
channel 16.

Although Hank is not aware of Ralf's callsign he does know he is looking
forward to catching up with VK4 hams when he comes ashore.

Ralph is now over halfway and hopes to reach Brisbane in a few months.

He updates his website virtually on a daily basis from his canoe using a
laptop and Satellite phone.

The URL is

Any support we hams are able to give him would be greatly appreciated.
Either leave a message on his website or listen for him on Marine Channel 16.

================================================== =======================

WIANews - we've reported...YOU decide.

Societies and Club News Letter Editors can EXCHANGE a feed prior to
the actual broadcast date, e-mail

Callbacks follow the RF editions, but also for text readers you may
lodge a quick reply to let us know you read it, who knows, you might
even get a "cheerio call".

Compiled by VK4BB on behalf of the National WIA.
================================================== =============================
================================================== =============================
Societies and Club News Letter Editors can EXCHANGE a feed prior to the actual
broadcast date, e-mail

Callbacks follow the RF editions, but also for text readers you may lodge a
quick reply to let us know you read it, who knows, you might even get a
"cheerio call".
Compiled by VK4BB on behalf of QNEWS for the National WIA.
Thanks to to our dedicated band of broadcast volunteers who utilize their time
and equipment in bringing you this weekly broadcast.
The purpose of "WIANews" is to rapidly provide news of interest to active
amateurs residing in Australia and the globe.
We strongly encourage membership in the Wireless Institute of Australia and
participation in the activities of local clubs.
Opinions expressed in "WIANews" are those of the writers who submit material
and do not necessarily reflect those of the rebroadcasters, nor the National
Material may be reproduced in whole or in part, in any form, a credit to
WIANews wouldn't go astray...
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