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Default Posting Guidelines

Posted-By: auto-faq 3.3.2 beta (PGPMoose V2.0, Perl 5.005)
Archive-name: radio/ham-radio/moderated/guidelines
Revision: 1.2 2007/02/22 18:15:39
Posting-Frequency: posted monthly

Welcome to! This is a moderated newsgroup
for amateur radio operators and other people having an interest in the
Amateur Radio Service, as defined by national regulations and
international treaties. Following are the posting guidelines for this

This message includes the following sections:

1. Topics and posting policies from the Charter
2. Additional posting guidelines
2.1 Netiquette guidelines
2.2 Posting form requirements
2.3 Guidelines on signature (.sig) files
2.4 Guidelines on excessive quoting
2.5 Guidelines on pointers to outside sources
2.6 Guidelines regarding questioning someone's suitability to hold
an amateur radio license
2.7 Guidelines regarding name-calling
2.8 Guidelines regarding civility
2.9 Other unacceptable topics


1. Topics and posting policies from the Charter is an inclusive on-line community of amateur
radio operators and other people having an interest in the Amateur Radio
Service. Participants are invited to engage in open discussion of
amateur radio issues and exchange information about participating in the
hobby/service, in an atmosphere of civility, friendship, and fun.

Acceptable topics include but, are not necessarily limited to, questions
and discussions about amateur radio licensing, regulations, tips on
various aspects of setting up an amateur radio station, and sharing
operating experiences and insights.

Unacceptable posts include, but are not limited to, buy/sell/trade
posts, posts that are off-topic to the Amateur Radio Service, posts
promoting or defending unlawful activities, etc. Crossposts of regular
discussion articles between and other
discussion newsgroups are not permitted.

Frequently-Asked-Questions lists and other information/bulletin/
announcement postings may be crossposted to, rec.answers,
and news.answers only with prior approval of the moderators of those
newsgroups. In all such cases, an appropriate "Followup-To" header,
containing only, will be added by the
moderators if one is not already provided.

Posters are encouraged to state their own views and share their
experiences, but to refrain from making assumptions about the
motivations of other newsgroup participants. Posters are expected to
maintain a basic tone of civility. Prohibited uncivil discourse
includes, but is not limited to, name calling.

Posts containing unsolicited advice questioning the right, worthiness,
suitability and/or readiness of any individual (or members of any group)
to be an amateur radio operator are unacceptable in this newsgroup. If
an individual chooses to post asking for advice on when or whether to
obtain an amateur radio license, or to participate in any type of lawful
activity in the Amateur Radio Service, respondents should be careful to
address their comments only to the original poster and not explicitly
generalize to others in similar situations.

Similarly, posts that arbitrarily declare certain classes of amateur
radio licenses, or certain members of national amateur radio societies
(e.g., American Radio Relay League, Radio Amateurs of Canada, Radio
Society of Great Britain, Wireless Institute of Australia, etc.), to be
more or less worthy than others, are not permitted. Posts that politely
encourage individuals to join their local amateur radio society, or to
upgrade to higher classes of amateur radio license in order to enjoy
greater operating privileges, are permitted, however. Posts that
contain reasoned, civil, and fact-based discussion of the activities and
internal politics of national amateur radio societies are also

Buy/Sell/Trade and Commercial Policy:

Posts containing offers to buy, sell, or trade are not permitted on The newsgroup was created
for this purpose, and should be used instead. All such articles will be
rejected by the moderators with the advice to re-post to that newsgroup.

Postings that are entirely commercial press releases, advertisements, or
other public relations campaigns will not be permitted. Relatively
unbiased announcements or reviews of new amateur radio-related products
or services may be permitted at the discretion of the moderators. Such
posters are asked to disclose their financial or professional interest,
if any, in such products or services.


2. Additional Posting Guidelines

2.1 Netiquette guidelines

Participants who are new to Usenet should familiarize themselves with
the "netiquette" of Usenet as well as the particular posting guidelines
for this group. Several useful posts for "newbies" can be found on the
newsgroup news.announce.newusers or on the WWW at:

Particularly helpful articles a
Welcome to Usenet!
Rules for posting to Usenet
Hints on writing style for Usenet
A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Usenet

2.2 Posting form requirements

Any article that falls into any of the following categories will be
automatically rejected:

A) Articles that contain original text of more than 75 characters
per line
B) Crossposted articles to newsgroups not included in these
C) Articles that contain more than 400 lines
D) Encoded binary files (except PGP and other short digital
E) Attachments to posts
F) Articles containing obscene language
G) Articles from individuals who have been suspended or banned
from the newsgroup

2.3 Guidelines on signature (.sig) files

Many people close each article they write with a few lines of common
text. This may be a cute quip or quote, or may include information
about their family, contact information, or disclaimers required by
their employer, for example.

Signature files used on posting must be no
longer than 8 lines.

The content of a poster's signature need not be relevant to amateur
radio, but it must not violate any of the other posting guidelines.
(For example, name-calling that would not be acceptable in the body of a
message is also unacceptable in a signature.) Posters may include
Uniform Resource Locators (URL's) and business addresses in signature
files, provided they comply with all the other guidelines regarding

2.4 Guidelines on excessive quoting

Posts more than 20 lines long that also have more than 75% quoted text
will be carefully reviewed by a moderator to determine if that degree of
quoting is warranted. Posts with excessive quoted text may be rejected.

Posters must show a reasonable effort to trim the post they are replying
to and to include just enough material to establish context. "Me too!"
posts are discouraged, and, when posted, must edit the quoted material

2.5 Guidelines on pointers to outside sources

Unsolicited announcements and pointers to web sites that are strictly
commercial press releases, advertisements, or other public relations
campaigns, are not permitted. However, a pointer to a website or other
external source of information is permitted and encouraged in cases
where it is relevant to an existing thread, with appropriate context
being given in the post. A URL with no information about what a user
should expect to find there will be rejected. A pointer to information
that is off-charter for will be rejected, as
will a pointer which itself does not meet the guidelines (such as a URL containing
embedded name-calling).

Moderators are not responsible for verifying the contents of any
external information source.

2.6 Guidelines regarding questioning someone's suitability hold an
amateur radio license

Identifiable groups and individuals may not be asked/told/etc. not to
obtain an amateur radio license, or to only obtain certain classes of
amateur radio license. It is not permissible to make statements that a
person or members of a specific group "should" not, or should not be
allowed to, become an amateur radio operator.

Solicited advice of this type is permissible; however, posters must be
careful not to explicitly generalize to others who are in some way
"like" the poster asking the question. Stick to the individual asking
for advice.

It is acceptable to discuss verified violations, documented in criminal
convictions or other government enforcement actions, by a person or
members of a specific group.

2.7 Guidelines regarding name-calling

Nastiness addressed at a person is considered name-calling. Criticizing
a person's *actions* is not, provided that it is done in a civil manner.

Attacks on an action which by their very nature include an accusation
against the person's character are not acceptable. For example,
"That's a lie" implies an intentional prevarication, and is considered
name-calling. Acceptable ways of questioning the truth of a poster's
statement include the more tactful "I don't think that's true," "I
believe you are mistaken because..." or even simply "That's not true."
"That's not true and you know it" crosses back over into name-calling,

2.8 Guidelines regarding civility

By charter, posters are expected to maintain a civil tone in all their
postings. The guidelines on name-calling cover part of that
requirement, but not all of it.

In general, posters are expected to consider the reputations of other
participants, and refrain from making unnecessary accusations or
assumptions about the motivations of others. A good rule of thumb is to
phrase your comments as your opinion -- "I think..." "It seems to me
that..." "This makes me wonder whether..." etc...

Posters are expected to make factual claims, to debate topics openly and
in good faith, and to accept honest criticism, all without provocation
or prevarication. At least one professional organization, the Institute
of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), has recognized that such
fair dealings are necessary components of ethical conduct, and has
incorporated them into its Code of Ethics:

Though the Amateur Radio Service is not a professional endeavor, the
moderators strongly feel that the IEEE Code of Ethics is also a
worthwhile set of guiding principles for participants in the newsgroup.

Posters are not required to support the American Radio Relay League
(ARRL). However, they are expected to adhere to the spirit of the other
parts of the ARRL's "Amateur's Code":

2.9 Other unacceptable topics

Participants are reminded that the charter also prohibits posts
promoting or defending unlawful operating practices.

Posts may discuss whether operating practices are unlawful, or engage in
reasoned debate over why certain operating practices should or should
not be unlawful. Posts may discuss enforcement actions, such as by the
Federal Communications Commission in the United States or similar
government agencies in other countries, and evidence gathered by parties
such as Official Observers in support of complaints about unlawful

Discussions of what practices constitute unlawful operation in the
Amateur Radio Service should be limited to *factual* descriptions of the
laws in various jurisdictions. Posters' *opinions* as to what practices
they consider unlawful are not permitted. In particular, posters are
cautioned not to extrapolate their country's laws and regulations to
those in other parts of the world, as they may be quite different.

Posts that entirely concern themselves with other radio services or
hobbies, such as Citizen's Band, General Mobile Radio Service/Family
Radio Service, and Scanner or Shortwave Listening, are considered
off-topic to the newsgroup. Newsgroups such
as,, and/or may be
more appropriate venues for such posts.

Please direct any comments, questions, or criticisms about this article
to .

(Adapted, with permission, from the Posting Guidelines.)

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