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Default ARRL Now Only Wants No Code Hams - Holding Midnight Exams

From: "wavetrapper" on 13 Feb 2007 10:38:16 -0800

In today's world, the Imperial FCC
chooses to do what it wants to do, selectively uses public comments
that support their pre-determined outcomes, fails to enforce its own
rules and is happy ignore factual data or public sentiment in the

Sourness Alert! Sour grapes time! It is rather obvious
that YOU favor continued code testing and think you
are in some "majority" in regards to that.

The facts are that a majority of comments *did* support some form of
continued Morse Code testing.

The FCC isn't "imperial." It is (now) an independent
agency of the Administration of the United States,
created in 1934.

Despite statements that it would await a consensus of opinion from
within amateur radio, the FCC is eliminating Morse Code testing despite
the view of the majority of commenters.

[I was then two years old and you did
not exist]


With all the radio services it must, by law,
regulate now, it does not "favor" amateur radio. What
the FCC did do was simply go the course as with all other
Petitions, allowing time for Comments (even extending that
time twice), then considered ALL those Comments for full
year before deciding. Specific things they considered are
well described in the body of FCC 06-178.

See above.

If there is ANY organization in the USA that is "imperial"
then it is that of the ARRL.

The ARRL does not issue edicts and have them come into force.

They ignored world opinion,
toadied to their core membership (olde-tyme morsemen), and
simply ignored the majority.

The majority of commenters on the code testing issue desired some sort
of continued testing. World opinion shouldn't be a factor in U.S.
amateur radio licensing regulations. Requiring more than a bare minimum
isn't a bad thing. You already know what the majority wanted.
The opinion of the majority of commenters was overruled.

They didn't worry. Their
publications were giving them a multi-million dollar a
year PROFIT for their "non-profit" activities.

Is it your view that the ARRL is breaking the laws governing non-profit

believed in their own propaganda and loved the life of

You have no way of knowing that.

They still didn't try to entice the HUGE
Technician class licensee group...until AFTER 06-178 was
announced. AFTER.

That's a factual error on your part. Since the creation of the
code-free Technician license, it has been recognized that many of those
licensees are simply not joiners.

They aren't fools and know that a
sustained League existance requires NEW membership.

I'm sure that has long been recognized by the ARRL and any membership

existing license are EXPIRING at a rate of 78 a day
but NEW licensees represent only 32 a day, they don't
have to be mathematicians to realize numbers are shrinking.

....and there doesn't seem to anything the ARRL can do about shrinking

Newcomers have - by far - come into US amateur radio
through the no-code-test Technician class.

People normally flock to the easiest route, even if it means that
they'll have fewer privileges.

Resources may be better spent in providing new and different
services to members rather than flush it down the commode under the
banner of "fighting city hall."

Do you consider Access BPL to be "city hall" doings that
the League should NOT fight? Sorry, but BPL is a clear
and present danger to anyone using HF for any purpose.

Here's where we have the FCC acting in an imperious manner. BPL is
being pushed by the Commission. Erroneous statements which tend to
support BPL have been made by the FCC. The Commission's idea of
defending an unlicensed service over a licensed service run counter to
the Commission's own regulations.

The ARRL needs to keep the pressure on Washington to fight
BPL. After all, with lots of BPL QRM, it is hard to "work
DX on HF with CW." The League only lives for HF bands.

It extends far beyond "DX on HF with CW" [a term you coined and
frequently use]. It extends to any licensed service using HF for
anything. The original BPL uses frequencies up to 80 MHz.

What "services" would you suggest the ARRL be doing?
Give you fancy bordered certificates (suitable for
framing) for your state-of-the-art morse code ability?
Provide free franking privileges for your QSL cards?
Give you a spare radio in case your ready-built fails
and it needs factory repair? Have a representative come
and hold your hand when you contest?

You tell us, Len? What does it take for a relatively unmotivated
amateur radio licensee of the modern era to become an ARRL member?
What kinds of services should be offered in addition to those offered to
the rest of ARRL members?

The League provides a number of services already and has
been doing so for years for its membership. Don't
begrudge those.

Who is begrudging them, Len? Which ARRL services do you use?

Just try to remember a small group of
New Englanders are NOT gods of radio...

You waffle frequently about who is a god of radio and who is not.

The ARRL is not made up of New Englanders. There are staffers from all
over the country. The directors and vice-directors are from all over
the country. Elected Section Managers are from all over the country.
ARRL membership is made up of radio amateurs from all over the country.
The League's headquarters are in Connecticut.

...just a minority
membership group in the amateur radio hobby, and are
a profit-making publisher of amateur radio special-
interest material.

You've made factual errors on the makeup of the ARRL, the definition of
amateur radio and the function of the ARRL.

Is it your view that the ARRL is breaking laws which regulate non-profit

Try to remember that the US government does pretty well
at governing ALL its citizens, political parties aside.

Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't.

An "Imperial" dictatorship can be an apt descriptor of
a bunch of old men who consider themselves Elite in radio
because they could emulate the professionals of 70 years

The ARRL issues no edicts. As you are so fond of pointing out, the FCC
regulates amateur radio. The ARRL is not a dictatorship. It is run by
elected directors and vice-directors. Its membership is radio amateurs
of all license classes from all over the United States. You are not
among them.

So, you've lost a government decision.

Amateur radio lost.

TS happens.

Yep, seven years and no "Extra right out of the box."

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