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Old May 5th 07, 01:58 PM posted to
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Default A RRAM Carry-Over Post For AF6AY

From: AF6AY
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 16:52:51 EDT
Local: Thurs, May 3 2007 3:52 pm
Subject: Are we the last generation of hams?
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From: wrote on Wed 2 May 2007 23:35:

On Apr 21, 12:20?am, AF6AY wrote:

There's still plenty of time for you to expand the scope of your
HF experience, Len. Drop kick that "commercial operator" mode and re-
focus on AMATEUR applications for a while! You'll enjoy it!

I will politiely ask you to rephrase that paragraph.

Request refused due to lack of valid reason to do so.

I cannot...(SNIP)

You cannot pass up an opportunity to pontificate, denigrate and
otherwise continue to do your best to be a thorn in the side of
Amateur Radio, your recent acquiring of an Amateur license

You possess an encyclopedia-scope knowledge of how radios work
but you hcae a long way to go to be a qualifed operator.. That you
obtained an Amateur license is laudable, however you have years and
years of PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE yet to gain. Haivng pushed a button
that caused RF to be emanated does NOT make you an "operator" in
anyone's book.

Your ticket says "Extra", however you are, in every aspect, a
NOVICE in the matters of operating an Amateur Radio station and in
practical Amateur application.

No amount of your blustering or buffoonery can hide your lack of

"Radio" and all of electronics works by the same laws of physics...(SNIP)


Lennie, you keep trying to re-roast this pig over and over, and
it's still smells like dead pig.

No one, myself or any other person, has EVER made ANY suggestion
that the PHYSICS or radiocommunication vary based upon the service
class of the station emanating the RF.

You look like an idiot trying to suggest otherwise, but just
like Morkie Moron, you seem to enjoy looking like an idiot.

Trying to hide behind such silliness makes you

The scope, content of my personal activities are of no one's concern,
nor should they be.

Then stop making them the centerpiece of your rantings on USENET.

Among other issues that YOU have made part and parcel of your
USENET rantings have been: your professional career, your alleged Army
service, your marriages, your real estate issues, child rearing
(despite being childless), your education, your political views, your
opinions on radio services that you have no practical knowledge of,
political parties, and a wealth of other topics that had no business
seeing the light of day in these forums.

YOU bring them up...THAT makes them other people's concern
whether YOU like the replies or not.

SNIPPAGE of the rest of your usual "I Know More About Radios Than
Anyone Else" rantings and pontifications.

Amateur Radio, despite your best efforts to denigrate and dismiss
it as something less than what it is, remains one of the greatest
resources of emergency communications in the United States and

Amateur Radio is NOT military, commercial, PLMRS, CB, or any
other radio service, no matter how you try to weave them into your
rants, however Amateur Radio remain the communications resource of
choice in disasters. Men and women greater than you have said so from
the floor of Congress, in the Federal Register, in the pages of the
Wall Street Journal, on CNN, etc.

Try and fool someone else, Leonard... Everyone else with an IQ
over 70 sees right through you.

Steve, K4YZ

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Old May 7th 07, 11:06 PM
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Wattsamatta, did you get kicked off RRAM already? Tsk, tsk!

The Man in the Maze
QRM from Baboquivari Peak, AZ
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Old May 9th 07, 07:12 AM posted to
external usenet poster
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Default A RRAM Carry-Over Post For AF6AY

On May 7, 5:06�pm, Iitoi wrote:
Wattsamatta, did you get kicked off RRAM already? *Tsk, tsk!

The Man who is Dazed
QRM from Baboquivari Peak, AZ


lilboi! how ya been...?!?!

Still anonymouse and spineless, I see!

Steve, K4YZ

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