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Old December 14th 03, 02:39 AM
Nobody You Know
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Default [[[[[ IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR ]]]]]

You know what.

But if you don't know what, tune to 3947.5 khz LSB at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Then you will know what.

Nations are like leaves; they change color before they fall.

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Old December 14th 03, 12:32 PM
Doctor Artaud
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lex (Nobody You Know) wrote in

The jamming show?

At work, I bore my co-workers with politics as much as I bore this
group. In my misguided aspirations to help people to enlightenment,
things have become obvious.

1. Few people believe in the First Amendment, or to modify that, they
actually believe that the First Amendment was written to protect the
rights of pornographers. The idea that the First Amendment was written
to protect the right to disagree on political issues is anathema to
many, the idea that it is to protect Religious freedom is more than most
can bear, as they return time and again to the non-existent "Separation
of Church and State" clause.

2. Most people believe that "Separation of Church and State" is actually
in the constitution. Of the 1st Amendment, Separation, Church, or State
are not even mentioned.

3. Most people believe that the 2nd Amendment does insure the rights of
citizens to own and carry guns (I believe the same). The Republican
party, obviously increasingly dedicated to enslaving the people, has
long manipulated this belief to garner votes from a group of people that
otherwise would not vote for them. As the trend in Republican politics
is to acquiesce to the juggernaut of gun laws being offered by the
Democrats, the Republican part is becoming undesirable to me, for I see
little reason to affiliate with a political organization that almost
exclusively supports the major industrial and business organizations to
the detriment of American Workers. The wellness of the stock values for
American companies is meaningless to me if all of their merchandise is
produced overseas.

4. Support for abortion runs about 50/50. In one of my anti-abortion
tirades, I was being assailed by 2 others when a third came in on my
side. He did with such vehemence that the other 2 were dumbfounded. I
didn't expect support, as I speak from what I believe to be the moral
side of the issue (believe me, I have my own failings, I'm not keeping
myself on a pedestal), and morals seem in short supply these days. Of
those supporting abortion, (in general and not relating to the above
described tirade), one actually commented to me that it is fortunate
that abortions cannot be performed past the 1st trimester. Obviously he
has never heard of "late term abortions".

5. MTVs "Jackass" and the network's "Reality Shows" are doing a good job
of turning my co-workers into complete idiots. It actually pains me to
listen to their zeal in describing scenes from Jackass, one in which a
man entered a hardware store carrying a newspaper, proceeded to the
"toilet display", and commenced defecating in the display toilet.
Hilarious pandemonium ensued when the owner of the store realized what
was occurring. My co-workers continue with descriptions from the latest
"reality show", people eating a variety of insects, doing a variety of
stupid and degrading stunts. Wow, this is real entertainment.

6. Sports and Pickup trucks, these are the real reason for living, at
least to many of my co-workers.

7. It's OK to exploit young but legal age girls for sex purposes, but
forbidden to mention the possibility of exploiting the young but legal
age daughters, granddaughters, and sisters of said co-workers for sex
purposes. Odd, isn't it? Why would one wish to sexually exploit the
young but legal age female from anyone's family? Oh yes, it's that lack
of morals thing again. It's unconscionable to imagine some fat pig
gyrating on top of their daughter, but they (the fat pigs) envision
themselves gyrating on the top of someone else's daughter. "What's good
for the goose is good for the gander"; apparently in today's hedonistic
society, this rule does not apply.

Despite anyone's desire not to hear my political opinions, I still have
the right to assert them. This is how I feel about the Liberty Net. Yet
a person or persons weekly endeavor to Jam the Liberty Net. Apparently
Freedom of Speech is too much for some. America wastes away into
depravity, buying cheap goods and forsaking their fellow American
workers, throwing God from all public places, becoming addicted to
pornography, and these deranged jammers are more upset by the probable
truth that they hear than the loss of their country.

Dr. Artuad

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah.

You know what.

But if you don't know what, tune to 3947.5 khz LSB at 10:00 PM Eastern

Then you will know what.

Nations are like leaves; they change color before they fall.

To know and to be, this is not even a question, there is no alternative.
You see it clearly in the loneliest little avenues between particles and
waves, shunned even by the gregarious quark and unknown by the various
strands of time, so big it cannot be seen, yet so little it is
immovable, lies the fabric of the ultimate reality gripped in the tiny
fist of the all or nothing."
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Old December 14th 03, 04:45 PM
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ycthulhu wrote ...
tune to 3947.5 khz LSB at 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

Then you will know what.

Hey Y-Man - Were they on in time for the capture of Sadaam Husein ?
It would be nice for Vic'n the boys to have first discussion about
this event before the "talking heads" got on to it.

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