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RHF November 19th 05 12:02 AM

Cleaning and Protecting 'old' and "New" Coax Connectors for Use / In Use {Maintenance}
For One and All,

Cleaning and Protecting 'old' and "New" Coax Connectors for Use
and for In-Use {Maintenance}

IMHO - Less is Better.

First - The Outer Threaded Area of a PL-259 Plug and SO-239 Jack
will generally give you ample Mechanical and Electrical Contact
Area for a Very Good Electrical Connection.

Second - Inner Male and Female Mating Pins is where you should
focus your attention. The Inner Male and Female Mating Pins
of the PL-259 Plug and SO-239 Jack represent a smaller [Hidden]
Contact Area that should be cleaned prior to Assembling the
PL-259 Plug to the SO-239 Jack. This is the Critical Coax Cable
"Connection" - IMHO - That needs to be Cleaned and Protected.

FWIW - I have usually used some DeOxIt ! type Spray-On
Contract Cleaner with a "Q" Tip
RadioShack Catalog # 64-4338 =

READ - Contact Cleaners, Protectors & Enhancers for Electronics
In the Search for the Ultimate Cleaners, Cleaning Methods,
and Protectors . . .

DeoxIT Brand { De Ox It ! } :
- Contact cleaner, conductivity enhancer and lubricant.
- Dissolves oxidation and corrosion on metal surfaces.
- Fills in microscopic gaps and reseals surface for
better contact and an enhanced flow of electricity.

NOTE - This general advise also applies to BNC and "F" and
other 'connectors' as well.

clean - it's about making the connection - iane ~ RHF
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= = = In ,
= = = "Rob Mills" r*bm*[email protected] wrote:

I have heard "use em as they are, it won't hurt anything"
but it still bugs me. I have a considerable amount of old
connectors and a lot of them have turned black. I've tried
everything I can think of (baking soda, silver cleaner,
ultrasonic bath and etc) but no luck.

Any one have a secret fix???

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