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Old December 13th 03, 12:13 AM
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Default looking for information on programming maxon SP120V2 portables and sp2550

i am looking for info on how hard or easy, it is to program maxon
sp120v2 portable, i have several of them. i have done some research
too of programming information that the usenet really didnot offer
much on when searching google groups over the last 20 years, some key
words like maxon spa-2000 programming programmer adapter OR SK2000
program adapter and spp-480 programmer brought very little info i have
come across both of these in the past at hamfests and wonder if i
should pick some up next hamfest. i can find the following information
on the SPA-2000 adapter from yahoo groups..

it appears that many of these cables contain thier own rib in the
computer connector. there is a MAX chip inside and i think the mas
series is serial, any one know for sure?

i would like to know what the sk2000 programming adapter is for, i
cant find any info on it.

also, where inside of the sm4150/4450 do you plug in the programming

this was from a guy posting about selling programming equpt,

If you need to program Maxon radios, then these are the kits you will
require. various Maxon models.
KIT #1 SMP4004, will program SP2550, SP2850,
SPX2550, SPX2850, SL70WV & SL70WU portables
KIT #2 SMP2000, will program SM2150,SM2350,
SM2450, PM100 & PM160 models
KIT #3 QPA4000, will program SP120, SP130,SP140,SP200 series .
The SP200 series requires additional upgrade interface kit
KIT #4 TPP480, will program TP4800 LTR Trunking radios
KIT #5 SP310, SP320, SP330, SP340 Portables &
KIT #6 GMRS Series & SP200 series portables
KIT #7 SPC-4000 SPC4000 cable will program sm4150 VHF and sm4450 UHF

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Old December 28th 03, 05:37 PM
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some cut and pastes from other research i have found on other sites.

i have a SM4450 mobile, and am wondering where it's program connector
is, i have seen the cable for this, and its not the mic or 1/8th in
audio PTT conectors, looks like a 4 or 5 pin in a row connector on the
program cable. somewhere in the radio?
Its inside the radio itself on the main electronics bd.
You will remove a prom and the program cable conects in the proms
place and also you should have anpther single wire that needs to be
slid onto another conection program post in the radio as well.
This other single wire will be with the program cable as well.
Take the top off of the radio and right next to the e-prom there is a
white connector where the cable plugs in. You also do need to have the
single wire on pin 1 in the back right by the amp. The software is Dos
based and needs a slow computer. They also make a stand alone
programmer (no longer available from the dealer but on e-bay) that you
take the e-prom out and plug it into it to put program info in via
phone type keypad. Hope this helps.

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