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As for "free upgrades", the FCC already unleased THAT genie with thier
last round of "restructuring" with no help at all from the ARRL.

And what "free upgrade" did you see in the last round or

ARRL proposed that all existing Novices and Tech Pluses get a free upgrade to
General. Didn't happen, of course.

The only thing that remotely resembles "free", was giving Pre-87
Technicians credit for the General written exam which they took.
Since the exam was EXACTLY the same as Generals took, I don't see any
freebie there.

Exactly. In fact, it wasn't even automatic - the Tech Plus had to show up at a
session, pay the fee (even if no tests were taken) and provide documentation.

But just wait till ARRL BoD meets next month...... I expect to see
them recommend a three-tier license regime, with a new low-powered 50W
beginners "C" license,

100 W, but what's 3 dB?

a new mid-range "B" license with 3-400W power


and a new top of the line "A" class license with 1.5KW power
limit and a CW test in the 15-25WPM range.


You *did* predict it!

Frequency ghettos for "C"
and "B" similar to now. Current Novice/Tech get free upgrade to "B"
privs, current General/Advanced get free upgrade to "A".

Half credit for half right.


I'm sure I'll miss some of the details in their proposal, but the
above is pretty much the way I read the tea-leaves.

And it's closer to what I recommended than what the BoD actually did.

And as we now know....

73 de Jim, N2EY