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Old January 22nd 04, 01:35 AM
Dave Heil
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Len Over 21 wrote:

In article , Dave Heil

Len Over 21 wrote:

This newsgroup is all about lets-pretend fish-story-tellers trying
to put down lots of other amateurs. All amateurishly.

You seem confused again, old timer. While you tell your fish stories
and put down radio amateurs, you aren't in fact a radio amateur.

And you are not God...despite your claims to same...

I'm not really sure at this point. At times you've written that I am a
god, then that I'm not a god, then that I am a god. Let the several of
you inhabiting the body of Leonard H. Anderson try to come to some sort
of consensus.

I'm all for eliminating the morse code test from any radio license
examination. That's all.

"Go for it, EX purchasing agent..."

"Of course you did...right after you accepted the Presidential Medal
of Freedom for keeping Homeland Security safe through ham radio."

"Yeah, like a little few-page weekly is on par with the New York

"MODERN HF amateur radio: 'What was good in the 1930s is still
good in 2000s!'"

"Real ham radio is working DX on HF with CW."

"Quit trying to be a Host, sweetums. The only "host" you can be is
of a communicable disease."

"Go get some therapy."

Yep, it appears quite evident from the quoted material just from one of
your posts, Len. You just want to eliminate a code test.

I'd like to concentrate on the SUBJECTS instead of your incessant
prussian arrogant order-giving, Herr Robust.

So my presence is the only thing which has prevented your engaging in
the civil debate you've told us is all you're here for? That might
explain the seven or more years that you've done everything but what
you've claimed.

If you feel that anyone you don't approve of is offensive to you,
your holiness, feel free to have their ISP get rid of their account
or at least forbid them to post in this free, open, unmoderated
newsgroup. Or just skip over the post.

Some may do those things. Others have killfiled you. I'm content to
take you to task or use you as an outlet for sarcasm.

Do you need to change the prescription in your monocle again,
Herr Robust? You can't continue to do an impression of a modern
prussian officer without it...go rent a DVD with Otto Preminger
in "Stalag 17" and study it some more.

You've become quite predictable, Foghorn. Some may believe you to be
the Howard Dean of r.r.a.p. I happen to think you're more like Dennish

Dave K8MN
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Old January 23rd 04, 01:12 AM
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In article ,
(Hans K0HB) writes:

(Steve Robeson K4CAP) wrote

As for "free upgrades", the FCC already unleased THAT genie with thier
last round of "restructuring" with no help at all from the ARRL.

And what "free upgrade" did you see in the last round or

ARRL proposed that all existing Novices and Tech Pluses get a free upgrade to
General. Didn't happen, of course.

The only thing that remotely resembles "free", was giving Pre-87
Technicians credit for the General written exam which they took.
Since the exam was EXACTLY the same as Generals took, I don't see any
freebie there.

Exactly. In fact, it wasn't even automatic - the Tech Plus had to show up at a
session, pay the fee (even if no tests were taken) and provide documentation.

But just wait till ARRL BoD meets next month...... I expect to see
them recommend a three-tier license regime, with a new low-powered 50W
beginners "C" license,

100 W, but what's 3 dB?

a new mid-range "B" license with 3-400W power


and a new top of the line "A" class license with 1.5KW power
limit and a CW test in the 15-25WPM range.


You *did* predict it!

Frequency ghettos for "C"
and "B" similar to now. Current Novice/Tech get free upgrade to "B"
privs, current General/Advanced get free upgrade to "A".

Half credit for half right.


I'm sure I'll miss some of the details in their proposal, but the
above is pretty much the way I read the tea-leaves.

And it's closer to what I recommended than what the BoD actually did.

And as we now know....

73 de Jim, N2EY

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