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Kevin Croxen
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Default Kaito WRX-911 quality control issues?

Anybody else had a quality control problem with those new Kaito WRX-911

I just wanted something small, inexpensive, and light that I could carry in
my jacket pocket and listen to while walking to and from work, and picked a
Kaito WRX-911 in preference to a Grundig Mini-World 100 PE for this purpose
based on the comparative review on

But the Kaito arrived partly DOA, with some sort of intermittent connection
problem in the RF circuitry for AM MW that renders that one band unusable.
Worse, since I bought it from, who do not accept returns under
any circumstances, the brand-new radio, after its initial inspection and
before being used, needs to be launched directly at the warranty service
department at

So now I'm just curious. Anyone else had troubles with these new Kaito
WRX-911's? Conversely, has anyone had problems out-of-the-box with the
equivalent Grundig Min-World 100 PE's ?