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KH6HZ wrote:
"Alun L. Palmer" wrote:

I doubt if Carl would be interested in attending. His single
issue was abolition of code testing, and he WON that back in 2003.

The No-Code War Rally will simply change focus now. In another year or so,
they'll set their focus on getting the FCC to reduce, or even eliminate
entirely, the CW/data portions of the bands.

The thought never enetered my mind.

For most, the No-Code War isn't (and never was) about code testing.

You're insane.

It is
about destroying a mode they feel, for whatever bizzare reason, threatened
(or 'persecuted') by.

We're not Robesin. We don't have to destroy those who disagree with

hear hear

You will no more see the No-Code Warriors disappear than you will see the
Race Pimps disappear.


What are race pimps?

he is refering I believe to people Charlie Rangel and Jesse Jackson who
blame eveything wrong in the black comunity on the white rasism

at least that is the normal use of the term