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Default re-viving Regency HX 1500 scanner

I have an old handheld scanner, Regency HX 1500, never used it much but it's
been stored for many years. I'd like to power it up to see how it's
working...but the battery compartment has the blue crud on most of the
terminals. In the past I've tried to clean this off with rubbing alcohol
but it always returns. Is there a better way to do this?

I could also try to run the scanner with an adjustable power supply, but the
metal tag on the bag lists two power sources: AA Ni-cad batteries 9.6vdc
and/or AA battery 12vdc. If I plug in the power supply through the "charge
receptacle", which voltage should I set it for? And should I use the
negative or positive pin configuration on the power supply.