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Ryan, KC8PMX
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Now I see amateur radio communications a little different. Obviously in MY
life, the emergency or public service oriented communications take
precedence, but when I have the time-luxury of "chatting" I personally enjoy
taking the time to learn about another person. Learning such things as
their likes/dislikes; what they are passionate in life about.
Unfortunately my schedule allows me an average of about 5 minutes a day
(max.) for that right now, but things will change in the future.

Ryan, KC8PMX
FF1-FF2-MFR-(pending NREMT-B!)
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I'm in just about the same place as you are. I don't "love" CW

I really "like"it, but I'm not one of the nostalgic FISTS geezers that

poems about it and can head-copy a 60+ WPM data stream of CW while
drinking a cup of coffee, talking with someone in the shack, petting the
dog, and keeping their pipe lit! My CW operation is purely call/name/QTH/
Nice to meet you/QSL via burro/TNX ex 73 de K3LT QRZ? I may toss
in a few additional comments, but for me, ANY QSO in ANY mode that
lasts more than 10 minutes just isn't my style. I do have a tendency to
go on a bit longer in PSK-31 when I have a good connection, but I type
like a legal secretary, and that isn't any work for me.

73 de Larry, K3LT